multiple sound cards?

multiple sound cards

I just got started on my new computor with a M-Audio Delta 1010lt sound card. Everything is working great. I am curious if anyone has tried multiple Delta 1010Lt sound cards with n-track? How well does it work? Any pitfalls I should look for if I decide to add a second card?

I have not used the Delta card, but from what I hear… If you add a second 1010, you will want to synch them together somehow. Probably with the S/PDIF signals. Make one 1010 the “Master” and connect the S/PDIF out from it to the S/PDIF in on the “Slave” card. Then go “Slave” S/PDIF out to the S/PDIF in on the “Master”. Then set the synch source on them both to S/PDIF…I think. There should be something in your Delta manual or on M-Audio’s website about setting this up. I KNOW I’ve heard of it being done, so apparently it can be made to work.


In the previous forum (before the last time it got reset) there was definitely a thread with a few people having major problems with multiple Delta 1010s (not lt) - this was something to do with the M-Audio drivers, but I’m not sure that it ever got solved. This may also be helpful. M-Audio suggest that you can use 4 delta cards on a Windows system.

I read the Delta manual and saw that up to 4 1010Lt’s could be supported, but I want to know if all of the combined inputs will work on n-track. I would like to look up this issue in the forum archives but am I to understand that being “reset” means I can’t read them?

Yup. What JM is talking about is back in September or so (2004), the board bombed and all the old posts were lost.


I don’t use 2 Delta 1010’s, but I do use a Delta 1010 and Delta 66 simultaneously with no problems.

Quote (nubs @ Mar. 04 2005,19:02)
I don't use 2 Delta 1010's, but I do use a Delta 1010 and Delta 66 simultaneously with no problems.

Just curious nubs, do you have them synch'ed via SPDIF?


No, I don’t have them synched. The way I use them is this. I have a 16 channel mixer and I run 8 direct outs (channels 1-8) from the mixer into the inputs of the Delta 1010. I then have the 8 outputs of the Delta running into channels 9-16 of my mixer. After I record my tracks and want to mix down to a stereo wav file, I will play back up to 8 channels through the Delta 1010 and record into the Delta 66. You have to launch two versions of Ntrack to do this, one for playback and one for recording, but it has never been a problem and has worked flawlessly.

I don’t ever need over 8 channels for recording so I have not worried about synching the cards together.