Multiple soundcards

using multiple Delta cards in ntrack

Is anyone here using more then one soundcard at a time with n-track? More specifically multiple Delta 1010lt’s? The price of these Delta cards has been coming down and I’m tempted to add a second 1010lt card to my system (which M-Audio claims you can do) But I’d like to know if it will actually work with n-track before I spend the $200 for a second card.

I’m using two M-Audio Delta 410’s (giving a total of 16 outs and 4 ins. It works fine (I’m using XP). You just have to connect the sp/dif out of the first card to the sp/dif of the second card.

I’m using two Delta 44 with no problems until now.

I’m sure 1010s support the same feature. On one card (“A”) you set it to clock internally, and send its S/PDIF out to B. On B, you set it to clock off the digital input. This is probably done in the ASIO control panel. This keeps the two cards synchronized together. Otherwise, the tracks from one card will probably drift late as the song proceeds.

I use a Delta 1010 with a Delta 66 (12 inputs total) and it works like a champ. I use WDM drivers.

There was a post on this at the cakewlak sonar forum, and several people were using two and even three delta 1010s, many used the method Jeff mentioned to sync them, a couple people mentioned that you do not have to do that any more since Delta changed the drivers to sync the cards in the mixer, and also it was suggested to use the ASIO drivers

One other thing. Go to the M-Audio web site and look at the support page. Choose the 1010 and go down the list of articles. There’s an article that tells you everything you need to do to use two Delta cards.

Ah - right – I forgot that some cards have built-in multi-card sync. Thanks.