MultiThread Troubles

Possibly a dumb oversight on my part, but here goes.

Been using N Track since early version 3, now on 4.01 24 bit version.

When I check the ‘Multithread Directx plugins’ box in options, I get crash to desktop as soon as I load a song file.

I can run happily without this, altho I’m trying to free up some CPU cycles so I can avoid HUGE buffers when working with songs with over 40 tracks or so (sucks up the CPU at that level).

System is configured for Hyperthreading, and ACPI2 as well.

Intel P4 3.4 Ghz, Asus P4C800E DEluxe mobo,
Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro,
EMU Emulator X Studio Pro (1820M and audiodock Etc).




I have to have mine unchecked as well. directx plugins crash it. vst is fine.

I’ve never understood exactly what multithreading directx plugins what supposed to do?

I also have the exact same thing happen here.

Have to uncheck the DX multithreading or CRASH!!! to the dexktop.

Flavio may have a clue to whats up but I don’t. I use VSTs pretty much exclusively for any effects I need.


Still got the same problem on a new 3.4GHZ chip… Most odd :blues: