Music to keep you from falling...

Here is an interesting clinical trial.

Actually when I first saw it, I started to laugh… I wonder how the music will keep you from falling… ???

I wonder… are my TAX dollars paying for this research? I betcha they are…

D – fallin’ into bed. PEACE to ONE and ALL… and guten nacht!

Yes, tax dollars are, like .00000002% of what goes to killing innocent people and lining the pockets of criminals like Cheney and his friends.


Anyway it looks like a cool study - we here all know how powerful music is physiologically.


I use music to help me keep from falling… asleep that is!

Pop in some Plan9(from outer space) or Agent Orange And I can zip and pip with the rest of them wipper snappers!

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Dang, I didn’t know that anyone listened to Plan 9 or Agent Orange anymore. :D

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 25 2006,08:25)
Dang, I didn't know that anyone listened to Plan 9 or Agent Orange anymore. :D

Guess just us oldtimers still appreciate the classics, eh Tom?

It's 25 years to make something classic, right?

I was kinda a second generation punker back in my day.
Born in 74, was to young to see it happening first hand, but was turned on to it in the eighties, by a wiser, first gen. punk.
At that time it still seemed uncommercial and rebelious to me.
It wasn't getting much airplay. Radio stations playing Ted Nugget, Frampton, and Zepplin, over and over, just discusted me.
All the while I knew there was this better (IMHO) music not being recognized by the current stations with the exeption of college radio, which operators are allowed to play anything, usually volunteers students or local dj's.
Heck our local main rock station, WZZO (media5 format affiliate) wouldn't even play Metallica until the mid 90's no matter how many people called and requested "Kill Them All" tracks!
Not that they didn't want to, just couldn't because of the emposed format.

I love all the old punk, and I still see a large underground following here in my local neighbrohood.
Vinyl is still being purchased around here by young kids who search for the pure things in life, tired of all the newer watered down pop-posing as punk. Much in the same way metal heads of my day stuck with Iron Maiden, Judas Preist, ect. calling all the popular hard rock/metal acts posers! And pretty boys.
Man, when they took headbangers ball of the air that was a sad day in music history!
And what did they find to replace it, REALITY TV! blech! pewtred mind fluff. Wasn't mTV supposed to be Music televison?

I never really followed the poular trends. Constantly searching and probing the underground (not the Velvet Underground..tee hee) for music that moved me, and sometimes hit me square between the eyes.
I have a theory about music.
Cream always rises to the top, it may take a few decades, but it will happen.
If something is universal in it's message and is arranged in a un orthodox manner, it may not reach airplay. But there are those who will appreciate the content and arrangent for years to come, provided the song holds truth. That is the one thing I have noticed that stands the test of time.
No matter how religous or spiritual I become, I will never forsake my musicial influences. They are part of who I am. Where I came from, and where I am going, musicaly.

Peace be multipled guys,



WOAH NELLY! :laugh:

too much coffee today me thinks,

I digress.

jerm :cool: