Music Video Recording

We all know what we need and how to record some music.

But if we want to record a music video.

What do we need ?
And how to do it ?

For example if we want to record a video of a person playing guitar.
We could use one ore more cams and one ore more mics.
We will at least be able to do some mixing (effects++) on the audio track(s).

/Goran Sweden


I don’t know the accepted way Goran, but I would record the track separately to the video and have the artist play live whilst listening to the recorded track (if that makes sense!)

If you only have one camera, you could go for multiple takes and select the best ones. If you have multiple cameras you can record several angles at the same time, but you may run into colour difference variations from camera to camera.

The soundtrack recorded during the performance would be used to sync the start of the pre-recorded audio track, otherwise it is not used.

Add all of your audio effects etc. in NTrack as usual.

Basic software would be NTrack Studio and Windows Movie Maker.

You will need A LOT of time and practise to come up with something worthwhile.

If you are recording a live performance, well, you REALLY have lots of work to do!

Good luck.


Why not record video and audio at the same time ?

/Goran Sweden

I did a combo DVD/CD set of my 80-year-old father-in-law last year as a Christmas present for the family.
He’s been doing country music and old standards for the last 60 years.

Set up my GL-2 camcorder 6-feet in front of him (a little lower so it was looking slightly up)
Mic’ed the amp with a SM-57 and put a Solaris LDC just above his head, recording into my DAW simultaneously.
He ran through 20 songs in an hour and the family was thrilled they’ll have something to always remember him by.

* A great cheap but powerful video editor is Sony Vegas Movie Studio with DVD Architect (about $80)
Great easy-to-use editor and DVDArchitect is fantastic for making menu’ed DVDs.
Vegas is the N-Track of the video world…

*Before the session starts, get all your sound level perfect.

Also clap your hands in the camera frame before you start. That’ll give you a sharp sound with an action on a frame that you can sync sound-to-video later when you ditch the camcorder’s audio and replace it with the DAW audio. (Remember the old movies where they’d smash a clapboard in front of the camera before the director yelled ‘ACTION!’??? They were doing the same thing, setting a frame to audio sync point.)

Record the DAW audio in 48kHz!!! Video uses 48kHz audio and if your DAW audio is 44.1k or anything else, it will lose sync over time…