Metro Music Expo

Anybody know if this is worth going to for an indie/pop/acoustic artist?
It’d be almost a 3 hour drive.

Metro Music Expo - Novi, Michigan



If anyone here is familiar with this, it would probably be TomS.

Ah, we can now construct a modus tollens:

If anyone knows about this, it’s Tom,
Tom doesn’t know about it.
Therefore it’s not the case that anyone knows about it.


Actually, I’m only a bit closer to it than Duane is, I suspect.

Thanks for the consideration, guys.


Tom, not prying but are you in Michigan?

$25 for a weekend’s entertainment. WOW!
I’d go. Bring a (hidden) recorder. Be n-track’s man
on the inside - Bring a flask - try to blend in.
Never heard of most (all) of the performers, but I’ve
seen (used to) a lot of performers I’d never heard of
before I saw them. Be open to new stuff. Tell us what
kind of music these freaks are playing. (Samples if possible).
Live for today - have fun. Don’t listen to the old fogies
here. Sounds like a party to me !


modus tollens

Heh-heh... I was just thinking; "When was the last time I used 'modus tollens' in general conversation?" :p

Tom, you are a hoot man! :laugh:


PS The answer was, NEVER! :p

say something - anything even - if it makes no sense

modus tollendo tollens? the way that denies by denying?

One time I mode the grass, and all I did was modus tollens. I mean, why should I modus shortens?

Well you have to modus tollens and shortens so they’s all uniformidus’s, otherwiseus they’s unevencus. :laugh:

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and I’ll modus shortens
And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye!


But me and my true love
Will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

ROFL :laugh:

Aye Laddie, but I kain’t modus tollens, I don’t have enough power! The moduscus engines are givin’ all she’s got!

By what modus operandi did you modus tollens Mr. Willis? Remember, you ARE under oath! (or is it ‘under oaf’… ?)



Modus Schmodus, I prefer drinking tollens.