Musical exquisite corpse

anyone? :slight_smile:

So tspringer summarized it on another thread. About 6 or 8 of us commit to writing sections of a song, but we’re only allowed to hear the section written immediately before ours. No section will repeat. Then we paste together the music and have one person re-do the vox so there is some consistency, some unifying thread, all the way through.

I’ll bite. Should each person start from scratch based only on hearing the previous persons part? How about providing a bare bones drum track to each participant so that the rhythm is maintained across all the different contributions?

Sounds like fun… except for the ‘corpse’ part. I’m too young to die???

HA! Don’t be mad. Spelling is just one of them thar thangs. :p I think maybe ‘corp’ was meant?


I say we set a tempo and use a common click track.

OK, you two are drafted. Who wants to start? Let’s pick a tempo, and then do it exactly as T says - we don’t listen to anything other than what came just before.

So, what tempo?

See, I thought you had said “Musical Ettiquite Corpse.” I was assuming you meant the death of musical ettiquite or something. Incidentally, you’d think that some goth band would have used the name “exquisite corpse” before now, but I didn’t find anything by googling it. Found a few songs and one album, but no bands… odd…

When I saw this post I thought you were referring to A literary magazine edited by Andrei Codrescu who’s a quest on NPR quite often - he’s great!

This project could be fun but I’m leary to commit because of time constraints.

Heh… got it Tom. Thanks for the clarification.

120 BPM? How long do you want it to be? Tempo changes?

This sounds like a hootenanny!


Sounds like fun! I actually got an idea for a bridge (Hi, Tom) just reading about it :D

I can’t resist. I’m in. I say lay down the rules and parameters and tell us when to push ‘go’.


The answer to God the truth the universe and everything: 120 BPM

I thought it was 42.

Nah, that’s my age :)

I thought it was 66.6 bpm.

Quote (tspringer @ Feb. 08 2007,21:41)
The answer to God the truth the universe and everything: 120 BPM

Every DAW I have ever fooled with defaults to 120 BPM for new projects. Why?

I thought it was 66.6 bpm.

Close but no cigar... if one could play at 666 BPM, the massive amount of energy required would cause the universe to implode into a single mass. Then after a few gazillion years the mass would become unstable and explode again in Big Bang II.

D@#N fellers! We just figured this whole "Where did we come from?" thing out!

Who said musicians were daft...


“Who said musicians were daft…”

Hmmmm… Sixty Six Point Six is a long ways from Six Hundred Sixty Six…

This would be played slowly…the same speed a soul roasts on a spit!

Q: If each player can only hear the previous players piece…how does the first player start? (just kidding)


It’s an immaculate start…


I think I’m gonna wait around for the BIG BANG II… Can I? :laugh: ??? ?

OK, 120 BPM. Just a click at that speed, and each of us gets the bit immediately prior to our own. Only other thing is key, which I guess the first person will choose. No other restrictions, although I suspect at the end we’ll want to have a single person sing it. Who will go first? ???

Tom, lets specify a little bit more of what each person will do. Let me list questions and you post answers.

**So does each person send wave files to you? I assume that each person would paste his part to the one he received and send that to you, and you would put the whole thing together. Otherwise, the game won’t work right.

**How do we pass the song around? As a wave file Or project? Or MP3.

**Does each person send two versions? One with singing to indicate what the ultimate singer is supposed to do, and one without?

**At least x minutes or measures, and no more that x minutes or measures?