Musical Genres


So, my son was trying to explain “Dub Step” to me and how it differed from other similar genres (that I also had no idea about).

It struck me that there are soooo many of these sub-genres nowadays it makes the mind boggle.

Anyway, I thought being the progressive, forward thinking folks that we are we should invent our own genre.

So I’m going for Speed Country. Or maybe Drum ‘n’ Ukulele

Whaddya think?

(can you tell that NZ has shut for Christmas? Far too much time on my hands!)

“Death Reggae” would be my pick. :laugh:

Huge, distorted bass, ‘chinky’ guitars through a dimed Dual Rectifier and wah pedal… Cookie Monster Bob Marley vox… all percussion played quadruple-time…


I’ll take “Nazi Gospel”

Im having rhthym & boobs :laugh:

Quote: (bright lights tonight @ Jan. 07 2011, 3:52 PM)

Im having rhthym & boobs :laugh:

Killer :)
Count me in for a twist of Uke - can we negotiate on it's coupling?

Mark. I actually constructed a Morocan type Trance track with millions of ukes and not much else (I’m sure you’d all love to hear it?;-)) but I never gave it a generic tag.

How about; “nUke” ? :laugh:

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 08 2011, 11:18 AM)

(I'm sure you'd all love to hear it?;-))

Of course!
Quote: (Mark A @ Jan. 07 2011, 4:25 PM)

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 08 2011, 11:18 AM)

(I'm sure you'd all love to hear it?;-))

Of course!

(the box of floppies and 8trk tape is moving up the 'to do' list)

Isn’t dubstep just dance music with really slow drums?

You guys and gal are awesomely funny. :agree:

Am I glad I don’t know what ‘Dubstep’ is! :laugh:

If you want sub-genres check out the metal community! Anyone up for…Blackened, Viking Folk Metal with elements of Thrash? :;):

If it ain’t Country/Whatever… it ain’t gonna go… anywhere… :p It’s gotta arouse the Common Folk… :) :laugh:


Quote: (woxnerw @ Jan. 08 2011, 11:22 PM)

If it ain't Country/Whatever...
it ain't
gonna go...
It's gotta arouse the Common Folk..


Well Bill, since Louis Armstrong said "All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing a song", I'm gonna suggest that we all live in a country, therefore "all music is country music."

So I guess that makes all music Country-Folk. Or Metal Country-Folk if your play it with a distorted electric guitar?

This is Dub gettin’ Steppin’ started.

Skippin with a piece of Cod Twine and Playin a Paper-and-Comb, at the same time, needs to somewhere on the upper end of the list…
Seein is, I can’t do either, I’ll practice my face off, iffin you put it on the list…


I like that smile that guy’s got…
What do you spose he just picked off ????
That kid that’s after his daughter ????