Musicians' gathering

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend

From last friday to sunday, a Finnish musicians’ web forum
organized a two day meeting in Lieto, western Finland. About a
hundred people gathered there to jam, to talk, to swap ideas
and just to hang with the good company.

Some of the people are well known professionals. Some
semi-pros. Some serious hobbyists. Some beginners. There is
room for everyone.

One of the traditions of these annual meetings are short
“tribute” conserts for various artists. Fifteen minutes of music,
short changes, lots of fun. Most performances were not
rehearsed - the playes involved had agreed on songs
beforehand, sent sheet music or chords to each other,
practiced alone, and just met briefly before the set to finalise
the three song set list.

No wonder I’m looking so intensenly what the guitarist/singer is
doing here:

(That was our tribute to the Bluesounds, a very influential
Finnish trio from early 80’s that toured a lot in Scandinavia and Germany, too.)

Who’ll recognize what band and what song is tributed here: :p

(Sorry about the size of the pics. They’re hosted by another
site and other people.)

I’m not familiar with the bands and or tributes… But that sure looks like a “Vintage” Orange Amp… In that bottom photo on the right-hand side…



Who’ll recognize what band and what song is tributed here: :p

Spinal Tap, “the druids”…

Quote (Willy @ Sep. 05 2005,15:11)
Spinal Tap, “the druids”…

Yes, the “Stonehenge”!

And with a suitably Spinal Tap moment: the “monument” (made out of styrofoam) got stuck when they tried to lower it from between the ceiling beams. Took a while to shake it free and get it to the audience’s eye level…

Bill, I think the Orange amp is one of the newer ones they currently produce. No graphical symbols on controls, just plain text.

I had another look… You are up on your identification… I’ve never seen very many of those amps… But never any reissues… But, of the models I’ve seen, there is nothing that is close to them. or equals their tonal abilities… In my opinion… of course…


Nice bass guitar too! :D

Hi Mwah,

What a great way to spend your weekend. I’m always fascinated by the Finnish music scene. Although, I’m 50 and listen to all kinds of music nowadays, my 1st love is still Heavy Rock music and as far as I’m concerned Finland has been a major home for most of my favourite bands since the mid to late nineties, and is still producing great bands now. I’ve seen quite a few Finnish bands in the last few years on my trips to Europe and will never forget going out drinking in Paris with the guys from Stratovarius. We stayed in the same Hotel as them and unfortunately I remember the headache in the morning also.
I hope you enjoyed the event. It looks like a lot of fun,

Quote (TomS @ Sep. 05 2005,18:30)
Nice bass guitar too! :D

Very, very nice! Thanks for the compliment!

It’s about twenty years now from when I bought it… it’s gone through several modifications, but then, I’m probably never gonna give it up. It’s no longer just a one of the thousands of Ricks that rolled out from the assembly line in '74, but an instrument tailored especially for me.