Mute, Solo Track, Freeze Buttons

Mute, Solo Track, Freeze Buttons

I just upgraded from 4.0 to 5.0 and notice the Mute, Solo Track and Freeze Buttons are missing for each track. There is a blank grey square for where these buttons should be for each track but the buttons are not there. Not until I press the blank grey box for where the Freeze button is for a track do all the buttons then all appear for each track.

Anyone else notice this? Is it a bug? or am I missing something?

I uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same problem.


right click in the selected area, from popup menu "select left hand bar elements (at the bottom of list)

Dr J

I think this is a bug in the newest release actually. I just upgraded tomorrow and have the same problem. If you click in the area where the buttons should be, then they magically appear.