Mutiple instruments recorded at same time?

friendly question

Okay i need some help.
I was wondering how i can record a few instruments at the same time such as drums, guitar, and bass but to all separate tracks for each instrument. Please please please let me know how to do that. It would help out so much. :D

For every track you want to record at the same time, you need that many channels of a sound card. For instance if you need 6 channels for drums, one for guitar and one for bass, then you can get by with an 8 channel sound card like the Delta 1010 (I have an older card - a Terratec EWS80, 8 in, 8 out).


alright great, i appreciate it.

You should have the ability with your current card to record 2 separate tracks unless you have the odd card that doesn’t have a stereo input. This involves using a real world mixer to pan track one hard left and track 2 hard right.

First off, immediately get a good beginner recording book (spend $20 before spending hundred$/thousand$) that shows you what you need to get started and how to hook everything up in your studio:
Home Recording for Musicians by Jeff Strong - $15…=glance
(Wish I’d had that when I started; would have saved me lots of money and time and grief)

Good Newbie guides that also explains all the basics:…er_pdfs

gee where were you when I was crawling around swearing and crying with a fistful of cables and didn’t know my RCA from a hole in the ground.