My 13 yr old son and a Les Paul?

He’s been saving like crazy for one of these

He’s about half way and ready to sell a Tanglewood LP. I’m worried. Any advice would be welcome.

He’s saving. Good. He’ll appreciate the guitar more.

It’s a lot of money for a young man. But is it really that much?

Make sure he buys a decent hard case for it.

Help him to appreciate that balancing it against the kitchen table while the dog is playing nearby is a recipe for disaster.

In 1979 I bought my 4th guitar. It was a few days after my 17th birthday. A Fender strat.
£229. My parents helped hugely but mostly I paid for it myself. I still have that guitar today.

One bit of huge advice that my dad give me was that I was buying a guitar that was 100% more expensive than any guitar I had ever owned but would not make me play 100% better. It might make me 10% better, but not 100%.

Only you know your son, but at the end of the day if he is passionate about it then that is a good thing methinks.


Cheers Mark. I’m not sure if the link is the exact deal he’s been drooling over but.
It’s the Slash endorsment that worries me and how much it puts on the price. It comes with a hard case, 12 picks, authenti-cert and all with the Slash monica.

Can’t you get a real LP for pretty much that price? A real LP will hold its value a whole lot better, too. That one is about 1K USA dollars, and a Les Paul Studio here goes new for 800 USA dollars.

Slash’s favorite guitar was a Memphis. Look for the real thing, an old Memphis. The Memphis will probably be better quality than the Epi unless it’s been trashed or not take care of. The hardware on it may not be any good, but all that can be fixed up relatively cheap wiuth Guitar Fetish parts, including much better pickups and tuners.

Quote: (TomS @ May 13 2011, 7:00 AM)

Can't you get a real LP for pretty much that price?
A real LP will hold its value a whole lot better, too.
That one is about 1K USA dollars, and a Les Paul Studio here goes new for 800 USA dollars.

Not with the maple top. Studio is all mahogany. It appears that thing is sort of a half way between a Gibson and the typical Epi... flame maple top versus the plain maple. But yeah, it is a lot of cash for an Epi. Though, for a REAL Gibson, it is tough to beat an SG for bang for the buck. I guess I would move up to a real Gibson or look elsewhere at that price point. Though I think you can get a very equivalent guitar for much less cash from lots of other makers. The PRS SE line has really impressed me as of late. I picked up an SE Custom 24 a week back and the thing is a great mis mash of an SG/LP and Strat. A money making guitar so to speak.

I have a PRS SE Soapbar II, and it is a really fine guitar for a whole lot less bones.

(Hmm…they don’t make that model any more!
It’s vintage!)


My nephew just got one of these, and it seemed really nice to me:…t_sim_A

Thanks guys. I’m really grateful to you all as this as it’s a big deal. Just to be on the safe side and to avoid any mistakes and confusion on my behalf, may I present my son’s words.

“Dad has given you the wrong link to the Slash Appetite, that one hasn’t got any awsome things with it but is the same price, im paying $999/
£610 with a
£100 hard shell case included in the price. But I’m torn between 2 guitars at the moment, they are” :

and :…product

I’m certainly no guitar expert, but the top one looks puuuurdy :O

Well, I have always had the impression that the Epi LPs cut corners.
Or is it the case that one just pays extra for the name on a real LP?

Anyway, you are a great dad, either way.

I have to add – it is never a mistake to save up a bit more and get the best possible instrument – at some point a serious player will run into the limitations of the lesser one, even if they are not apparent right now. And it sounds like he is serious.

I’ve had one experience with a newer Epiphone, and it was OK, for what it was. It was nothing like what I was remembering Epiphone for years ago though. Quality was as if it was a copy of a Gibson in looks only. Boby weight was light…very light. Construction was cheap. Hardware was just barely acceptable in my opinion.

The reason I was working on it was because the wiring had come loose inside. It had been painted with shielding paint, bu the loose wiring was so sloppy that it was shorting to the shielding paint. Turning one of the volume pots just right would cause the pot to twist slightly and it would make sound, but only in that position. The fix was easy – resolder the whole thing properly and put insulation where it was needed to keep the pots themselves from grounding out.

The pots really needed to be countersunk as the wood was left too thick where they were, or long stem pots were needed. The wood thickness was necessary because the wood was so soft. No top layer of hardwood on this guitar.

It’s hard to think of it this was, but just as Gibson has become overpriced and selling the name, at least this one guitar seemed to be selling the Epiphone name. Quality was no better than a $100 cheap guitar.

This opinion is based on one guitar. I feel bad that it gave me such a bad taste.

Look at the guitars a Guitar Fetish if you want something good at a really cheap price.…92.html…76.html

Cheers guys. I’m letting him read this and I’m sure you’re helping him nail it down.

Phoo. That’s a scary Epi tail. D’you know, I like his
£200 Tanglewood LP and is a better build than the Epi you describe.

Thanks again for this, guys. I’ve only owned six elec’ guits and don’t feel qualified to help him. None have cost over
£200 apart from the first one I built which was stolen (along with a couple more).
I still have a funny little Vox that I’ve never got round to Identifying, a Hofner Hawk(?) that never stayed in tune, both of which have been in my company for over twenty five years and my working CMI Tele which I love.

Phoo! These look amazing for the price - almost negligible. (would the missus even notice - not if I got a natural finish;-)…84.html