My '66 Fender Deluxe Reverb arrived

I’ve got some work to do…

66 DR

Looks like a beaut! Enjoy! I’ve got a 68 SVT collecting dust. Tired of hauling it around and didn’t want to put out the $600 to re-tube it.
Hope it smokes for you & hope you like it.

It needs some work. What’s a SVT?

Wow - too much amp for me!

My band plays with a combo amp - 1 12" speaker in each - for the two guitarists. The bass player has a SWR with a 12" speaker & a 15" bass cabinet. That’s it (besides the drums).

Back about 90-91, when I used the SVT my bandmates called it “that F****** woodstock amp”. It didn’t come stock with casters so the four of us would load it off of the truck.Why did they put a handle in the middle of the cabinet? It was never used. Of course the keyboard player was using a B3 and Leslie. I sure don’t miss hauling all of that stuff around!


Once when I saw Kiss, Gene Simmons had 8 SVT amp heads in a vertical over to the side. It looked like all were being used. There was another 8 Sifts behind them as backups (he wasn’t using SVT cabinets). To put this in perspective I saw The Ramones and Elvis Ramone (Dee Dee’s replacement) was using just two, with two SVT cabinets.

Can’t get much better for pure rock.

Right but I’ll never use an amp modeler, over a real amp, at a gig just to save my back :laugh:

Quote (MidnightToker @ Sep. 17 2004,18:53)
Right but I'll never use an amp modeler, over a real amp, at a gig just to save my back :laugh:

This would depend heavily on your particular needs.

Come to think of it, I've used my Pod live. After all my Marshall didn't come with a built in tuner :)

I saw Gov’t Mule. Allen Woody ='d 3000 watts. That was for a club gig. They were great but I had to leave. I had to use stain guard to get the blood out of my shirt :)

When I first tried this baby out it didn’t seem to be responding well. I replaced some of the tubes & now I’ve got it - that glassy, bright, warm tone of a Fender BF. I’m going to have the amp thoroughly gone over & have a new cabinet built for it.