My Band's New Song! play Never Intended. I recorded this with n-Track using a Pod XT Live and Bass Pod XT Live. The drums were taken from the MIDI output of a Roland TD-3 kit and I used Toontracks EZ Drummer to play the audio. Vocals were tracked with a Behringer mixer using a Groove Tubes AM11 LDC mic. All in all there were about 22 tracks counting the Drums as 1 midi track. With the output of the EZ Drummer there were another 7 tracks. My computer really started to crap out with this song and the plugins I used. n-track frustrated me to no end because the volume evolutions moved during mixdown most likely due to plugin latency not being properly accounted for. I actually had to go in and use some volume evolutions on the final mixdown to fix the problems it created. They’re still noticeable if you know what to listen for.

Hi guitars, pretty good mix and tune. Not mygenre in particular, but could listen to it.
You could try some pre-mixes of a few tracks to help with the latency.

Only thing I noticed was the amp buzz in guitar panned right side at opening of song. Maybe a little editing of that.

Good job!

Yaz :)

Yeah the buzzing is part of the problem. I edited it out with volume envelopes but when they moved the buzzing reappeared. I also noticed the syncing of the drums to the guitars during the bridges is off. I’m going to try and mix down the drums from EZ Drummer to wave files and take another stab at the mix. I think it’s too hard on my computer to do both.

Nice page, nice pics, nice tune. You’ve definitely captured a good feel. Like Yaz, though not my usual genre, but I could definitely listen to this. I would like to be able to hear the vocals more distinctly. I’m an “old skool” listener who still likes to dig into the meaning! I loved the intense ending. How long has your band been together?

Keep up the good work and post more.

We’ve been together about 6 months or so. We’re still trying to get a permanent bassist and such. I actually played all the guitar and bass on the recording. My other guitarist has taken over the singing in addition to guitar because our old singer didn’t improve in the time I wanted. I’ve gotten a few critiques that say the vocals are hard to hear so I’m gonna’ improve that. We’ve got a ton of work to do still but we’re excited.

My old 'puter wouldn’t handle alot of tracks with plug-ins, I would do stereo pre-mixes only applying effects to the parts I would mix down together, freeing up my poor cpu. It’s tricky thing to do without having plugs in all tracks at once, trying to get the right sound and mix on the pre’s.

As Melody stated, bring the vocals out!

Yaz :agree:

The problem is this is a “new” computer. My old AMD 2800+ with 1GB would get bogged down of course but I never used the Freeze function and would still only peak at like 90%. Now I’ve built a Dual Core PC with 3 GB RAM and it “seems” to be crapping out too soon. I think it’s because I’m running EZ Drummer without mixing it down. I haven’t had a chance to check it though so who know. I’ve talked with the band and we’re thinking of completely redoing the song so I’m probably not going to mess with the current mix any longer.

Which version of nTrack are you using? The reason I ask, I have a dual AMD64 running Vista and tried using nTrack v4.2.1 last build and all it would do was crash on me. I up-graded to v5.1 and haven’t had any problems since. On v4 the cpu usage (with nTrack plugs only) would hit the ceiling. v5 runs plug-ins alot better, even SIR reverb impulse didn’t slow it down.


I’m using the latest version and almost latest build. 1503 or something I think. That’s why I’m confused, things seem to be running poorly but my computer should really be pretty bitchen.