my bands new song - all n-track

My band Unholy Ground has a new song on the myspace;

This is recorded at home on n-track using all n-track plugins. These are just demo quality songs (we’re not selling them), but any advice or thoughts are welcome.


Well, it’s certainly metal… lol.

I liked the song - and think it’s got merit as more than a demo.

Good job.

All the best,

Love the guitar sound / playing.
Is there a chorus effect on the vocals? I would have the singer sing another 1 or 2 vocal tracks and maybe pan them each a bit to add a fullness without the boxy sound of chorus - just a suggestion.

The mix sounded awesome - the wah wah fits perfectly - wicked lead sound


it sounds nearly pro… but i would like more hard drums… but it’s my taste…

Isn’t it weird how these days “it’s just a demo” often describes something that is a finished produce ready to release?

I’m not a big metal guy, but that is really well done. Tell us something about the recording - guitars, amps, singer, etc. :agree:

Shred man shred! Cool tune! :)

I would bring out the bass, I can barely hear it. :D

thanks for the comments.
these songs are recorded on n-track at home.
i run my guitar (HM Strat) direct via a GT8 modeller straight to the PC (no amp).
i eqd the rythym guitars to give it a harsher sound than my normal tone specifically for this song (sort of more industrial feel to it).
the wah solo is our other guitarist who runs a boss me-50 through a vox amp (i think) just close miked with a SM58.
there is some chorus on the vocal (n-track plug-in).
I do all the production and am mainly familiar with guitars so i struggle with vocal recording techniques beyond the really basic so the comments here are helpful.
drums are midi hence not so “hard” sounding (i know what you mean.
our drummer’s midi sounds aren’t really to my liking.
think he’s had his tone bank since the 80s lol.
sounded even worse before i eqd / compressed the snare).
as for the bass - thats actually a bass patch on my gt8 I did with guitar (our bass player was out of town) and it sounds god awful unless its really low in the mix.
we really must record a proper bass for the track and beef it up.
our singer had to move town so we recorded it all really quick.
we have a new girl who is an amazing singer (and interestingly a pole dancing instructor), but yeah, our previous singer was really great.

Sounds good! A tad muffled (like a blanket is over the mix) but I like it overall!

Quote: (gibson5413 @ Jun. 23 2008, 12:29 PM)

Sounds good! A tad muffled (like a blanket is over the mix) but I like it overall!

yes i hear that too - this happens on all the band mixes i do to some extent. i'm not sure how i fix it exactly. i've recently got a bbe sonic stomp for my guitar in an attempt to have the guitars cut through and be brighter without the muffle. we'll see how it goes on the next recording.