My Contribution

1 minute of cheese

Okay Tom you asked for it. Next time you might want to be more specific… Like, post something good.

Hey, that’s good.
Cool bass - what is it?.
As usual, nice big juicy guitars too.

is this a seinfeld episode?

just kidding.

i too like the guitars. the whole mix sounds pretty good on cans.

Glorious Duff…Yep! Great guitar and Bass sounds. :agree: :agree:

Hey duffman, nice rifflet.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

What’s a rifflet?

Cool stuff there Duff! :agree:


What's a rifflet?

Either a French word meaning to "rock out" in a short period of time, served with a tasty side of Pomme Frites,
or an English phrase meaning a short, very cool groove, with a riffing guitar. :agree:

Thanks for the listens and kind words…rifflet? But you guys are easier then most of the girls I ever dated. That is if you aren’t blowing smoke up my kilt. I posted this trying to be funny thinking is was a cliche ridden turd, in the vain of Garry Glitter…go figure.

maybe we like cliche-ridden turds.

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Oct. 25 2009, 10:11 AM)

maybe we like cliche-ridden turds.

Then I will just say, thank you. And I'll shut the hell up.

i was just kidding. i actually hate cliche-ridden turds.

but ya never know!

One minute of indulgent fattening stilton, layer upon layer of texture that crumbles on yer tongue…That’s some tasty funky dairy product

:agree: was this the soundtrack to the group scene of Daisy does Dallas or Günther does Hamburg?

Too much?