My delta 1010 capacitor problem

I’ve just bought a second hand Delta 1010 and when I checked it out with Rightmark Audio analyser I found it had a problem with poor output signal to noise.
They obviously have a design weakness see:

I have now changed some of the capacitors and things have improved.
If I connect output 1 to input 1 and output 2 to input 2 with unbalanced jack leads the n-track record meters now read -84dB where before I changed the capacitors they read -73dB.
Would some one with a Delta 1010 be kind enough to see what signal to noise you get when you connect the outs to the ins?

Thanks Nick

Please excuse me “bumping” this post back to the top in the hopes of finding a fellow 1010 owner.


I can’t access that site you’ve posted.

I don’t have a 1010, but I’m thinking of buying one, so I’ll cut and paste this topic for future reference, thank you.

However, I do own an M-audio Radium 49 Midi keyboard/controller, and I must say that I’m far from happy with the construction standards.

The USB connector came away from the PCB within a couple of weeks, and that was purely “at home” usage. When I replaced it, I also decided to change the Midi connector too as it looked very dodgy.

So if their standards are equally bad in their soundcards, I might reconsider.


I have 2 1010s. I believe the meters read about -90dB when everything’s lit up.

Mind you I’m feeding them balanced signals from a Mackie 1604 VLZPro.

Great link, however, and great info!