My eleven year old son

bought himself a guitar

He worked his little nuts off at a stables to buy a 20yr old Tanglewood LP from his school’s guitar teacher.
Feels good.

Man I’d be proud of my lad if he did that!!


Don’t you love it when your kid gets something YOU can use?

Post a picture!

Uh - how did you get him to work for it? I must be a really baaaad parent…

Great lets put him to work :laugh:

When I said; "feels good", that was more of a reference to my pride. He picks it up at his next lesson on Wednesday. I'm just as excited as he is - and he knows it. I'm not worried, but at the mo', his attitude to guitars is as it could be for Top-Trump cards or whatever else 11 year old dudes specialise in. You know the score - knows every thing about them - but doesn't play enough. When it comes to 'work ethics' and the raising of young un's? - if I've done anything right, I hope someone was taking notes.
Seriously though :laugh: it's blown my head off! I clearly remember (still got it) my first guitar.

Wish i still had my first guitar. Japanese SG copy. Really garbage. Wish I still had it.

Huh - just looked on Ebay at some of the japanese guitars like Greco from the 60s and 70s - those things are going for big bucks, and they totally are awful. Now i really wish i still had it…

Great thread gents…

You happen to be in-and-around the Yard Sale Capital of Michigan…
You’ll have to wait till the weather gets better and the driveways start filling up with trash… Do you think ????

Yard sales are big down in Florida…
All them seniors living there…
50 and 60 years of junk building up in their houses…

I’ve been looking for needle threaders…
I can’t find them…
I’ve got buttons to put on my shirts…
However, I can’t see to thread the needles anymore…

You gotta FIX for that ????


There you go, Bill.


Typical Bluenoser reply..

Now.. I need a link to where I can get someone to use it for me..
Hehehehe.. lol..

I looked at it...
went straight to the electronics page..
and looked at the camcorders..

Thanks TonyR



p.s. Oh.. I think it's time to go fire up the bus.. Work-day Tuesday..

A couple of dinked frets, two knobs missing but all in all, smashin’:slight_smile:…2136565…2136565…2136565

He takes it to bed and to school;-+

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 28 2010, 4:58 PM)

He takes it to bed and to school;-+

Who wouldn't?

Nice guitar, good young man.

Hehe! Check the look-a-likey SpeaderCraig in that Flickr set;-)…2136565

That’s Craig alright - before his radical haircut. :laugh:

That’s a nice axe. Folks have good things to say about it
on the net.