My Favorite Songs

If I were to self-release a CD, these are probably the original songs I’d put on it. Without question, most would have to be re-recorded, to bring them up to a professional standard, since I usually do not spend more than a few hours on a song… but all the same, of all the songs I’ve written, these are my favorites:

Walking In The Rain
Boy Meets Girl
I Just Want You
Jennifer’s Symphony
She Used To Be Mine
Girl Of My Dreams
Slipping Away
I Hope You Cry
I’m Your Cowboy
Once Upon A Time

As I said, I realize most (if not all) need serious work, but these define what I would call my favorites…

You have been busy. Nice collection of tunes, my fav is “I Hope You Cry” instrumental.
How long did it take you to get all these recorded?

Ping, I don’t think any of these songs have more than 6 hours total work invested in each. I would like to note that I Hope You Cry is not an instrumental, but the song immediately previous to it on the list, Slipping Away, is an instrumental, and is my favorite of all the songs I have written to this day.

All of the songs on the list have been written and recorded since 2006, 5 are from this year, and the rest are 2007-2008. Jennifer’s Symphony originally was the guitar part alone, and was called Jennifer’s Lullaby. Perhaps a month ago, I was listening to the song, and suddenly envisioned all the counter-melodies of the orchestration, so had to re-record it, and that came out pretty well, I thought. Most people would probably never guess that everything except the guitar was done on a keyboard I bought for sixty dollars in a pawn shop, lol!

Just been on your website & your certainly Mr Prolific!
Heaven help your wife if there’s a link between producing songs & producing kids!
Really like to see you taking a couple of the best songs & really going to town on them


Danny, yes, I meant Slipping Away, nice.