My first 'PROPER' music video!!

‘Missing dialogue’

Hi ange
a really professional video for a very polished song!
loved the crumpled paper effect over the screen & the shot of your bare back with the insults slashed across it was very powerful.
Was that song actually recorded with ntrack? it sounded phenomenally good! Everything sounded so clear.
thoughtthe lyrics appearing at the bottom was a nice touch also. if youve got strong lyrics then getting them into the video to support it is good.


great job, Ange!

Top notch, Ange. Is this going out as a single? More vid’s to follow?

Ange, the song is WONDERFUL! The video is stellar and very professional looking, to boot! If this was recorded in n-track, then you must have spent hours mixing on it, because I would never have guessed this wasn’t done in a professional studio at a week’s pay per hour, lol!

Hi ange and Rob:

n-Track users…
This is all about a Dream Story that is running perfectly well, because of Hard Work and Enterprise, It is being orchestrated by energetic and hard working people, on both sides of the Atlantic, who want to make the Music Business their career…

A good majority of this
began as a result of this
multi-track Editor…


However, I believe, the Master’d Tracks were recorded on 2" tape.

That’s what I think I see, from my perspective…
What a Great Story…

Keep it goin ange and Rob… :agree:


This video is really top notch, Ange. I watched it several times and not only is the quality quite good, but the message really stikes a chord. If you don’t manage to somehow make it into the big leagues, I’m going to be surprised. I think you’re well on your way and I wish you the best of luck. Heck, if Susan Boyle can do it, I know you can. :)

Aww, thanks guys.

Yep, Bill was right, we started off recording on ‘N’ and if it wasn’t for this forum we never would have had the ability to produce the studio album and if it wasn’t for my husband, I never would have managed the video production…i’m one blessed lady :;):

Glad you all liked it. xxx

I am totally pulling for massive success for you, Ange!!!

Now thats a FINE piece of art darlin’… Hat’s off to yun… (woops… I don’t wear a hat!) Uhh… I’ll have me some party licker and hoist a glass for you. :D

Nice… very nice!


:;): mwah