my first n-track piece


just finished a song last night - “the water’s fine.” you can grab it here (along w/ a couple others, if you wish):

feedback appreciated … thx,


Hi Andre,

Well sung and played. Is that a synthesized banjo in the first part of the song? Sounds good, but is there a stereo or reverb effect on it? - because whatever it is makes the banjo sit on top of the mix, not in it. Just my thought. Nice tune man - not my style, but well done. :)


thanks, dan.

the banjo’s real, but i just stuck an sm-58 in front to to record it (no $$$ for a condenser mic yet), so it’s probably funkier than i intended. i can’t hear anything unusual, but a lot of people have mentioned it.

i appreciate the feedback. yr stuff’s not really my style, either, but you’re clearly a super musician/singer/engineer!



[QUOTE] Great songs.Beautiful music. Nice soothing vocal melodies.
“The Water’s Fine” & "In This Garden"
Keep it up!.. Turquoise Rose

I listened to Broken Tonque - very clean & nice sounding. What did you use for amps/instruments?

hrmmm … gear.

on ‘broken tongue,’ it was …
squire strat
my friend’s mustang bass
the same friend’s dan-electro baritone guitar
yamaha g-5 amp (on forever loan from my father-in-law)
nobels trem
boss blues driver
ernie ball volume
random radio stations from my sony boombox

so, not quite on the lo-fi tip, but nothing amazing. fwiw, that piece was pre-ntrack: i did it on a fostex reel-to-reel.

thx for listening,

oh, and a harmony banjo (on the chorus).