My First n-track recording


Completed my first 2 ntrack recordings.
Not really songs,
no vocals or major hooks, but they were excellent
“learning to record with computers” projects.
Here is a link to the first one

I am looking for feedback on recording technique, sonics, and such.

Like I said, I know it’s not so much a song as an exercise.

Also, Crock Rock might not be every ones cup of tea.
It was meant
to be a too loud, self indulgent, rock tune.
For me it was a look back to
where I came from (80s rock bar bands).

Not the direction I am moving toward now, but I had to get it this out of
my system first.

Well, it sounds killer on my laptop! :agree:

I miss those busted up bars…

You know, it really needs a vocal. Great guitar sounds…I wish I could play like that…(he said with a green light of jealousy in his eyes…)

Real nice, great guitars, you got the style of the period right on, got some good headphones on and it sounds great! :agree:

That’s a great groove David. Great playing as usual. You should turn it from a tune to a song, it’s begging for a vocal. If that’s your 1st effort, it will be nice to hear the second.
Good stuff!! :agree:

wonderful first song - wow. Some of you rocker writers hook up on this!

Thanks TomS.
Yes I know I need to get on with some vocals.
I have
a few more instrumentals in the works first to get myself up to speed on
using all this new stuff.
I want to be able to crank out the technical
part without it slowing down the creative.
Like you clearly are doing,
and your guitar stuff is great, no green eyes needed.

Thank you nixon1972 (now thats a phrase that brings back memories).

Yes, I was in love with that period guitar stuff way back when.
Next one goes in a different direction.

I mixed thru small studio monitors but listened on many different
systems, so gald it works on good headphones.

Thanks for the thumbs up Bruffie. It was the first groove I hit
when starting with n-track. I did a few songs/recording back in the
lates 70s/80s, all 4 track tape machine. This new world is amazing with
endless possibilities.

Poppa, thanks. What I have been doing is applying the different
tips and tricks and instruction from you and many others in this forum.
Got a long way to go I know, but I came to this forum to learn to
produce music in the computer world, and its working for me. Thanks to
you and all.

You’re doin a fine job.

Dang, Ping, my guitar playing is horrid compared to yours. And you’ve got the technical part down seems to me… :agree:

Well… you got it oh Golf Club Feline! That rawks! :agree: :agree:

BTW, what wah are you using? It sounds really nice…


AHHHHHHHH, taking a “Jabs” at the ol “Schenker” while hanging around “The Zoo” there’s “No One Like You” playing some bad ass stuff on the guitar and “Rocking Us Like a Ping Cat”!

Uh… in other words, great playing and sound Ping! :agree:

Sounds good here, you’ve got some hot licks workin there.
Everyone hates it when I say this and mind you I’m on my small laptop but I don’t hear the bass guitar.
Everything else sounds very cool!

What size speakers on that laptop?

I have no idea, but it is my smaller laptop.

thanks for the feedback, this is what I want to hear, about sonics, and what might not be balanced.
But if your listening on a laptop, then I don’t know if you can ever get good bass response, unless you are using head phones.
Are you using headphones?
Do you hear the
bass you expect on your laptop from your own mixes when listening on the same laptop?

When I listen to it on a normal stereo I hear good bass, and especially on the chorus (or whatever you would call the second part). In fact, I intended the chorus to be a sort of bass/drum solo to give the bass player and drummer a little front time.
(They normally don’t get enough respect in my opinion.)

thanks for the cool review.
But did you we cross paths way back when?
You said ‘while hanging around “The Zoo”’.
One of the busted up bars I used to play
was commonly called “The Zoo”.

Hey Diogesneez,
Thanks, but I know nothing about golfin, except to duck when someone yells “4”.
I’m using. . .
-n-track on an old Dell 4600
-ezdrummer basic
-also use izotope ozone for some tracks
-interface card is M-Audio Delta 1010LT
-all guitars and bass playing done thru a Line 6 Pod-XT (actual amps are too loud
for my current living conditions).
-Using my strat on this one, I bought it new back in 76 or there abouts, and have
butchered it thru the years with my own modifications of pickups/wiring/necks. I
guess its a Strat-o-cat-ster now.
Not worth much to any one but me.