My first song

I am a newbie, please be gentle

i just finished my first attempt at recording and mixing a proper song myself. The vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded with a behringher c1 so I dont expect bono to come knockin om my door just yet hehe. Im a guitar player myself so this is also my first attempt at using midi vsti, it took me weeks to work out how to get it all working.

I will re record parts of this song again in a few weeks after Ive given my ears a rest.

I think the backing vocals are out of tune, prob because I was wasted from singing the lead vocal 4 - 5 times that morning.

I mistakenly left the low cut switched on the desk whilst recording the bass…arrrrhhhhhhh

I want to try the acoustic guitar with a better mic and heavier gauge strings

I think the intro is missing something

I really didnt want to put the scratching fx at the begining but It was the only way I could think to hide the click track bleeding from my headphones on the acoustic guitar track.

I had something like 10 tracks on this song, I’m more used to 2 - 3 so it took my about a week to get this far with the mix. Im gona save my money and get a better mic, oh boy have I been bitten ny the bug.

Song is called LADY (demo) :whistle:

For the first on n-Track you’re doing awesome!

Like your style a lot once the tune settled in. :agree:

All I would change is the album needle noise from 45 rpm to 33 1/3


All I would change is the album needle noise from 45 rpm to 33 1/3

Yes, good first n-track recording.
How long did you take for your first outing?
I’m still working on my first two recordings (hardly songs), but I am learning a lot about digital recording from n-track, and the sharp people on this forum.

Hi Alan. Very good first effort. You’ve got the talent, the rest is just using the tools to bring it out, and that will get better and better.
Good luck!

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Very good for first time!
As far as rushing to get a song done (like backing vocals), it’s the excitement of hearing tracks added that makes ya wanna get more added, but remember. . . .

Patience is a virtue, not a sin.

Good job!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the cool comments, they have really made my day.

I totally agree about the scratch being too fast, I took a sample from an old yamaha keyboard and thats all I had to work with, I’ll defo check out the link from john doe’s evil twin, had a quick look earlier at work but didnt have any speakers on pc at work. As for how long it took me… I’ve been in bands and stuff for about 5 yrs now and always wanted to make somthing entirley of my own making. Having a little spare cash after christmas I deceided not to spend with my local studio but to spend it on setting up my own little studio. I then spent a couple of months reading books and internet articles how to use all this stuff… I’m a guitar player so all the midi stuff is new to me, but i’m defo glad I took the time to learn how to use it and now realise that the endless options midi provides. The books were very usefull but all of them tend to contradict each other, which to me underlines the fact that this business is all about going with what feels and sounds good, trust your ears and that there are no set rules to follow…

Tracking, about 2 weekends.
3 evenings to produce my first mix. (I have large bags under my eyes this week)

For all the newbies that come on here I recommend these books cos they helped me loads. Although they certinley make you wanna go out and spend a heap of money.

Home Recording For Dummies by Jeff Strong
Guerrilla Home Recording - How To Get Great Sound From Any studio by Karl Coryat

The most usefull of all was right here on this forum, How To Mix A Pop Song by Jezar


I need a “How To Mix a Death Metal Song” book!


Cool man! Write a bunch more! Lov the soulful vocals and funky syncopation! :agree:



'cause I have a death metal song to mix

i’m sure you do. it’s all that playing in church.

ggggrrrr sorry dude…I can’t listen.

I’ve no sound…I’m away for the next 10 days.
Its got to be good if the guys on here say so tho :agree:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 12 2009, 3:11 PM)



'cause I have a death metal song to mix

Is that what it is :whistle: Keep it downtuned and loud :)

heck if I know what it is… it is loud!

Death Metal is a sub genera of metal, it’s exactly 6’ below the metal genera

Hey there, welcome :;):

I think your work is great, love the funky feeling you got going with lady, good work. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Ange x

(ps…I really really enjoyed 'november rain, I love that song)

Hello Ange

thanks for the cool comments, checked out your site - you have an awesome voice. I think I stole my g/f heart with that november rain song (she plays it in the car
:laugh: ) I was lucky enough to see Axl Rose perform that song a few years ago and I have to say it made the hairs on my neck stand up… If I could only write lyrics half as good as that then maybe I would be able to quit my dirty day job. uffffff

Pretty good tune, cool keyboards, good vocals, I like the recording for the most part, some folks go for the lofi stuff, like Yaz mentioned patience is the hard part, quality takes time, I like how you wrote in the first entry like your listening through a microscope, but the track came out pretty durn good! :agree: