My first Spanish Rock and Roll song

Mas Amor, and yes that’s the way I spell

OK so I can’t sing like Julio, but I think I did pretty good putting this one together.

Mas Amor

When you put Mas Amor into an on-line translator it comes out “but love” I think the song would work with “more love” also. Any way I hope you like it.



As I listen…

Nice strumming.
The bass guitar is too thin. Doesn’t spanish music usually have a very think and heavy bass guitar line?
I think I hear a lead in there somewhere… Almost… turn it up a bit.
Vox are too hot, and too thick; they don’t seem to be “sitting” in the music.
Very nice singing!
The song ends cold, but you should let the notes ring out a bit. Maybe you just cut the end of your mixdown file a bit short?