my grand daughter's first writing and playing

Sarah said, "I want to do what you do Poppa."
So I showed her how to open all the software. Add a midi track, she played her song, edited the midi file to fix one spot. Changed instruments in the VSTi to her choices (she liked the EZDrummer congas for some reason). Asked me to add guitar. I showed her how to loop it and she did great! She actually gets it! Not bad for a 6 year old. She even accepted my challenge to her to write ‘words’ for it and do a vocal… soon I hope. (She’s stuck in a day job called school right now.)

Playroom by Sarah Willis


Go Sarah! That's really really good!! :)


Let's hear dem woidz when she's done!

Kids are cool. My son started on guitar at about 12. He just turned 19 and can whip my butt in a pickin' contest any day.

Keep her at it Poppa. One day she'll come in saying "Poppa! Turn on the radio! It's my new song playing!" You'll just smile and gratefully accept the keys to the new car she just bought for you.


Alright Sarah! Great job! :agree:

Well I know someone who’s gonna soon lose their DAW! hehehehehe :cool:



makin’ dat rock myouzik is da devil

Great job young Sarah

Man…that’s gonna cost you poppa. Two people with the same expensive hobby

:agree: welcome to our world Sarah :;): Great job

Ange x

turn back now! while you still have a chance! you’ll be a slave to home music production forever! forever! forever!

Looks like you got her going in the right direction to me. When she’s ready to put a band together, here’s a three year old drummer she might consider.
:laugh: (Recorded this a few months ago… a couple of coffee cans and pencils, set up the mics, hit record, and away he went.)

My grandson, the drummer

that’s precious Kevin!

she’s already lost interest - thank God!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ May 05 2009, 5:29 PM)

that's precious Kevin!

she's already lost interest - thank God!

They do that, don't they?
but then, months later...

I like the "1, 2, 3, 4" - how old is that child, Kevin?
:laugh: I like that too Kevin.

Poppa and Kevin...the seeds have been son is the opposite...he hates "boring music" :laugh:

ROFL @ Kevin’s grandson . . . that was great!

I loved the very quick at the end “I’m done” :laugh:


I like the "1, 2, 3, 4" - how old is that child, Kevin?

He'll be 4 in September. He pointed out a set of drums in my Sweetwater catalog he liked back before Christmas...only $3000! In a few years, if he's still interested, I might spend a fraction of that.

3000 clams? Yikes.

We’ve assembled a garage-sale kit for the kids to beat on.

There was a opening to a movie shot in Lower East-side New York called “Greencard”… If anyone saw that movie you’ll know how the movie starts…

My kids never showed any interests into what kept me away from home… All they wanted to do was become soccer stars or hockey players…

BoY… What a relief…


Very good! Tell the sweet’un that we’re proud of her!