My Guitar (Has got a case of the blues)

Old song/new song

Hi gang, posted this at soundclick, written in '97 and recorded/mixed in the last 2 days, everything is me except for the drums and crickets = Proteus X. (Yeah I’m getting the midi bug)

Let me know what it needs.

My Guitar


Great piece Yaz. Love the growling vox…nice crickets :) Mix is great!

Yeah the mix is great and the guitar sound is real classic, real warm, real good. Love the break in the middle. Nothin like a good riff to rock a song along. Love it!

Man… can’t wait to hear this when I get home! It’s useless to listen on this laptop. These “speakers” make EVERYTHING sound like crickets…

I’ll scope it out later Yaz! :)


That’s great, Yaz, and I totally agree with the sentiments. :agree:

Good stuff Yaz.
GREAT sound. The kind of clarity I’ve been striving for.

What’s the effect on the guitar?
Is that two seperate tracks or one cloned?

Love the wah wah!!!

Hope this is going in the contest.


So you gonna enter it or not? I heard this days ago when you loaded it on your soundclick site - I’m watching you! - Love it!

Awesome Yaz!! :agree:

Now how about a cover of “Arrested for Driving While Blind”?

Great job!


It even sounds good on lo-fi. Made me think of a song I heard a long time ago by Stillwater (I think that was the name of the band). Oh yeah, Mindbender. (I think)

Thanks fellers!
0 compression used on this other than Multicomp on master, 2.4 mastering setting, limiter without compression I think. Didn’t fool around with it much. Used nTrack 64bt proggie, got a new 64bt machine with 4 gigs of memory, hehehe, can you say greased lightning!
I struggled mixing this one, trying a new little amp, different sound. Epiphone 5watt modified amp. Not quit the Marshall growl. But it still barks. Ran the bass thru a flanger, but I think it got lost in the mix.
The main guitars are 2 different guitars playing same riff panned -80 and 80, gives it space.
Craig, that’s not a wah wah, it’s the ol Heil Talk Box, tube in the mouth with speaker from the box delivering sound while you mouth words or not. Drug it outta the closet, haven’t used it in years, sorta outta practice with it too.
Vocal is just another Yaz misconception of thinking he can sing, LOL.
LOL D, guess this is sorta an ode to Billy and the boys! Note the “Top Hat” (Black Tie)

Thanks again for the ears!

Edit, contest entry, hmmmmm, got til the end of the month to think about that.
Edit 2, just saw your post Kev, thanks for the listen! Mindbender, my father was a Gibson my mother was a Fender, that’s why they call me, Mindbender, AWSUM tune!


Mindbender, my father was a Gibson my mother was a Fender, that's why they call me, Mindbender, AWSUM tune!

Oh YEAH! I haven't thought of that tune in years... great song.

D - on't give Johnny Walker a ride...

“Feeling that Wild Turkey’s bite”, my choice of beverage in the 70’s.


"Feeling that Wild Turkey's bite", my choice of beverage in the 70's.

Didn't drink a lot of it, but I had a Wild Turkey ball cap sometime during those days. Jack Daniels was the guy always getting me in trouble.

(This is starting to bring back memories best not re-lived.)
Quote: (kevinmyers @ Jul. 10 2008, 9:48 AM)

Jack Daniels was the guy always getting me in trouble.

(This is starting to bring back memories best not re-lived.)

Lynchburg, Tennessee... just up the road a piece from here. Used to work on office equipment up in those parts... I never made it to the distillery though. I always wanted to go take the tour. Maybe someday...

"How can anybody be so unkind... to arrest a man for drivin' while blind?"

YAZ - solo!


Yep, can’t solo when Jack is around, sounds like, well, like, a drunk geetarist

Don’t really miss those days LOL.

Thou shalt not covent thy neighbor’s oxe, nor his wife, nor his mixing skills.

Great job!

Lynchburg is just on the other side of Bonnaroo from here. I took the tour back in the '70s, but all I really remember is the Jack Daniels Field Tester cap I bought.

Thanks for the listen Iplan!