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Hey all
I’m selling some stuff on ebay. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out if I should sell my 71 precision bass ??? Oh well, doing some spring cleaning in Jan.


I had a pre-CBS precision bass that I sold many, many years ago. I still regret it.

Mr Soul

Thats what I’m afraid of. REGRET,REGRET,REGRET!
My house needs guttering :(

All I can suggest is to do a matrix. Some obvious questions are: Are you bass player? If so, do you have other basses? If not, do you need this bass? How much have you used the bass since you’ve owned it?

You can always try to sell the bass & if you can get a good price, then you’re ahead. If you can’t, then you might as well keep it because you haven’t made much money on the deal. A post-CBS precision bass of that era should sell but it might not get what you think it’s worth. I just don’t know about basses.

Somebody had a '57 strat on that PBS auction show last week and it was valued at $15,000.

Hope this helps.

Mr Soul

Two things need to be weighed:

Could you replace it for the amount of money you will get?

Is the bass as much value to you as the gutters are?

I have bought and sold so many instruments. Some I have found years later to buy again, only to resell them when I realize why I sold them to begin with. My personal feeling is, if you haven’t played it in a year, it is time for it to go.

good luck,


Think carefully about any sentimental value (I know it’s silly) that the bass may have to you. A couple of years ago, I traded off an Ibanez “Lawsuit” Les Paul I had owned since I was about 15-16 years old. I almost puked leaving the store and I still miss it something fierce. :( :( It was more or less a “beater” guitar although it played and sounded great and was not in too bad shape…but man, I had that guitar for almost 30 YEARS!!


Yes, we develop personal relationships with these things, don’t we? Gutters are temporary, love is forever. :)

Thanks guys
I’ll wait until my daughter gets ready for college, 13 more years. :) I paid 300 for it in 1987. I’ll wait for awhile. I noticed people were selling body parts on ebay ??? :D

Body parts? You mean like kidneys and such?