My latest aquisition...

…batten down the hatches.

MacGregor Venture 21’

The wife is in shock…Can’t wait to get her in the water (the boat that is)


I am so green. :)

Anyone thinking about taking up sailing can try this little test to see if they will enjoy it.

Put on a raincoat.
Turn on a cold shower.
Now, while standing under the shower, rip up $100 bills.
Feels exactly the same.

(J/K - enjoy your new boat!)

Ignore Bill’s cyincism. :)

The only thing to remember about sailing is; when you get dressed, tuck the rear “tail” of your shirt up into the small of your back.

That way, when it comes time to sit down and relax; you’ve got something dry to pull over your arse. :)


You need DIESELS dude. At LEAST two… oh wait… $3.00/gallon versus FREE wind power. Eh, ferget I bothered. CARRY ON!

Nice score!