My latest PC/DAW upgrade

After the speakers, the monitor

Found me a used Samsung SyncMaster 570s LCD flatscreen monitor for $117.00 Cdn.

Even used, it’s in good enough condition that puts my old Compaq CRT monitor to shame, and is actually brighter and clearer than the NEC LCD monitor I have at work …

I’ve read that CRT monitors have the bad habit of adding unwanted hum when recording guitars, even the Variax (if you’re not using the digital cable), and that LCD flatscreen monitors help reduce that hum.

A nice bonus is that the LCD monitor will consume less electricity than its CRT counterpart, so it was a cool find all around!

Considering it retailed $1200.00 Cdn new, I’d say I made quite a deal! :cool:

Well done, good find.

Yes, the electromagnetism of a CRT can cause hum particularly in guitars with single coil pickups. If you’d had it you would probably have known about it!

That is a sweet deal.

I can see a lcd screen in my studio’s shorterm future as well.

Apart from the space and interference issues that it addresses, I can also stare at a LCD screen without getting a headache and ‘dry eyes’ for far longer than a CRT.

Very cool find


Hi All:
IT never fails… When I think I have gained a few dollars ahead to consider new toys, something breaks down and I have to use the money for rebuilding/replacing the old stuff… I’d like to get a couple or three flat panel screens some day before I loose my sight and hearing… and I forget altogether what I have all this stuff for…