My Masterpiece

I’ve been working on this baztid for about 3 years now! (on and off).

Comments welcome. :cool:

Whoa - over 23MB !

Jesus! That’s a long song. It’s pretty cool though. The production is great! Maybe a bit too much reverb on some things, but overall a good mix. It reminds me of some Cream stuff, like “Pressed Rat and warthog”.

that’s a cool song! I liked the parts where the vocals were harmonized;
the song reminded my somehow to “scenes from a memory” from dream theater

Thanks for giving it a listen. I’m a big Dream Theater fan! Glad some of it shows through.

I was also going for something like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, with the narration guiding the story. Of course that is nearer an hour and a half long, so I have a bit further to go. :;):

very very good, not sure what I’d improve, it’s too good.

I just listened to the first part of it (don’t have time to listen to 20 mins of song right now!) but from what I heard, the only thing that bugged me a little is the guitar. From the very begining, it seemed a bit… well, muffled, I guess. Like the 3k and + range needs a bit bumping on it. But that may just be personal taste. I definately am not the king of guitar equing myself. I work for hours on it, and never get it where I like it.


I’m getting page not found, but I’d love to here this epic of a song.

Let me know when it’s back up.