My mix of Ian's Wild Mountain Thyme

I got enthralled - so shoot me!

Wild Mountain Thyme

I can’t get to it, and I notice I can’t get to your n-track photos page either.
I get similar errors.

hmm… works for me
:agree: :whistle:

maybe just me, I’ll wait to see if others can get it. I’m seeing. . .


RTSP/1.0 400 Bad Request Server: DSS/5.5.4 (Build/489.13; Platform/Linux; Release/Darwin; ) Cseq: Connection: Close

are you suuuuure? I did fix it.

Its working now, thanks, I am hearing bag pipes. . .


Super splendiferous Poppa!

Are those really bagpipes, or Uillean pipes.

The enamel falls off my teeth whenever I hear bagpipes :laugh:


I think it was the German Shepherd’s Pipe here.
Poor German Shepherds. Making bags out of dogs… for shame!

Ach! I didnae even ken ye could play the pipes :laugh:

Nicely done Poppa, that’s a useful vst, especially to those of the Gaelic persuasion.
Thanks Buddy! :agree:

Hmmm. Color me bad but I thought it wasn’t really that good.

Nice hip folk song. I like it.