My Mixer's on ebay- I Dunno...

Silly Problem

Well my kid needs a drum set for her birthday, and I’ve been out of work because we’ve had house renovations (very needful) and I’m in a spot. Now, I have some gigs this weekend, and I’m back at work as of next week…

The M-30’s on ebay with a day left, and the price is now up to $11.50. I’m not posting an ad- just thinking that maybe I should pull it. I don’t use it, and life has not been about recording or any of that lately. My biggest tripping thing is that I may get $&5 for it, after paying that originally and putting $125 into it… not good.

So that’s it- I’m sort of looking for someone to say, “What the hell are you doing, Rog?” and get me to listen to my better sense. Which I’ve now done… so allright, thanks for reading!

…I’ve got 32 people “watching” it.

Well, I pulled it.
Thanks everyone, for lending me this space to work it out in!

My house is still in an uproar (but it’s looking good!), and I needed a place to think.