my most recent ntrack project

Your thoughts?

Hey all:

The weather is just about perfect in my corner of the world so I’m posting a recent project and then gettin out of this little digital hideaway for awhile. Lemme know whatcha think as I’ll be checking in soon.

I think that’s great. I like how the chord structure plays around the tonic. I also love that sort of harmonica. Tell us about the guitars. My wife likes it too.

Hey TomS :
Thanks for listening, glad you like it. The acoustic guitar is a $20.00 thrift store purchase, Korean made, the brand is Lotus. I recorded it with a radio shack lapel mic($15.00) insde of it and a shure sm57 aimed closer to the point where the fretboard meets the soundhole. The electric guitar is a Mexican made Fender strat through a tube amp that I salvaged from an old lowery organ (I also kept the leslie speaker and use it for guitar)The bass guitar is a Fender squire J-bass played straight into the board. Hope that covers the guitar questions. Take care. :)

That’s really good. You voice is great - in parts it reminded me of Al Stewart (Year of the Cat fame). Everything is beautifully played, and I like the instrumentation.

Some really nice delicate guitar playing on this. The solo towards the end is reminiscent of Mark knopfler in style. Voice is very good and some nicely strung together lyrics.
Beautifully put together track!



Sweet song, quality stuff.


Jeez, it’s amazing what some folks can do with inexpensive equipment. The lowrey amp works. As does the Lotus. I used to have a lotus!

Maybe I bought the Lotus guitar you once owned!

Hey Nice work Obie! Cool laid back tune.

I really like what happens with the guitar solo starting at around 2:25.

Thank you very much!