Okay, so I’ve been working on a song a lot lately, virtually every night the past week or 2. N-Track has worked perfectly. I save the project I’m working on, close N-Track out, go do a few other things (nothing that could have introduced a virus etc.) and then went to re-open N-Track. It now says:

ntrack.exe has experienced a problem and needs to close. Send a report to MicroSoft bla, bla, bla…

Every time I open it now it defaults to this. I can’t open N-Track at all. Talk about pissed off…Somebody? Anybody? Should I uninstall & reinstall? If so, will I still be able to use the project I have saved? (Once when I reinstalled N-Track it didn’t recognize the files as they were “old format” and I lost 2 entire songs).

First up - don’t panic.

Is it only when you open this particular song?

Do you have a backup of your song? (I always save a copy of my song file to another name at the end of each session).

Do you have n-Track set to open the last song on startup? (Is this why it’s failing, or is it failing on just opening the application?)

How far does it get on loading? Does it draw any of the screens at all?

Try renaming the “n-track2.cfg” file. This is where some of the n-track config is stored.

Or try a re-install. Providing you install the same version as you currently have, (always keep the install files safe), you should have no problem with opening your song file (unless the song file is messed up in some way).

Oh crap. Yeah, I am panicing now. I did what I hoped I wouldn’t have to do, I uninstalled and then reinstalled N-Track. (It took a long time to get everything just the way I wanted).

When I go to open N-Track now, it does the same thing (right after I just installed it from My computer and N-Track simply are not friends anymore.

I have Windows XP, plenty of RAM and CPU etc., I don’t use any pirating software crap or surf porn. I’ve got spybot and McAfee so I thought I was safe. Virus scan detects nothing, so now I’m clueless.

When I double click on N-Track, it tries to open for a second and you can see most of the screen as when it normally opens, but it freezes before it totally loads and I get the error message.

Check this out. The last time I installed I chose to keep my previous configuration…and it locked up. I unistalled it, then reinstalled it again and did away with the old configuration. Now it opens. I don’t know what I had set up, but something wasn’t too happy. So now I can open it, and my data is all there. SIGH


Now…imagine you had to deal with the hassles of tape recording on a daily basis! :)


imagine you had to deal with the hassles of tape recording on a daily basis!

Yeah, I tell ya it’s a stone drag to turn on 25 year old (and older) tape machines and have them work every time, all the time. Where’d my data go? It’s all right there on that 10" diameter, 2" thick, 8 lb donut…

There’s hassels with tape, sure, but keeping the machines in good running order is the least of them…