My new Baby...

97 Jackson hardtail

HEy guys

here is a link to a pic of my new baby.

97 Jackson

If anyone remembers I lent my Ibanez to my little bro about 2 years ago and never got it back (he is getting good and I just couldn’t bear to leave him without an axe) so I was in need of a new shredder (not that I shred all that well, but I do need one in the event I do feel the urge to try)…

Anywho, these are hard to find in the hardtails (most of them have the Floyd Rose’s on them) and this one just happens to match my Gibson LP Ephiphone AND my 12 string Schecter,(red quilted top)
making for what looks like a seemless transfer between guitars on stage.

Thanks to Mark or Tony which ever it was that suggested I not get the Jacksons with the FR’s (something about palm muting) as I do like to do that occasionally in a choppy rhythm.

I think this is one of the ones made in Japan, and is a definite upgrade from the Ibanez, I watched it start at $399 back in November, two listings later it was down to $319 or Best Offer, He took my offer of $250 so Merry Christmas to me.


Nice. Looks good in red. :D

dang, bet it would sound good through a Marshall. Perhaps even a Mesa. :laugh:


Hey Tom, what a great idea… an international collab with a twist. We send Jeremy’s guitar to each other and record a track through our favourite amp and then combine the results. I’ll go last! :whistle:

Sure, I’ll go first, send it to me. I promise you’ll get it back eventually, Jeremy!

to heck with amps, I’m hoping to be able to set it up as my main stay for midi guitar.

there’s just so many possibilities you open up when the notes are stored in raw digital data.

Still with the EMG’s I’m sure it will sound great no matter what the limitations are of amp you send it though. :agree:

dontcare :cool:

You…are…going…to…turn…it…into…a…midi…device? Shame, Jeremy, shame. Guys, we need to rescue that guitar. It’s obviously in the hands of a dangerous cult leader.

I’ll be posting my anthem for that though soon…perhaps you will change your tune then Tom. :laugh:

Anyway the way I play it the Midi is just an accent here and there (think cello fills, bass fills/runs, stuff I can’t play on my footar or AXiom and some stuff that plays along with the guitar eg. same notes slightly delayed an octave higher or harmonizing) the guitar sound is still the main stay of my repertoire, :agree:

Thanx to the LA Multigate I can cut back and forth from grinding guitar to soft cello/violin/synthbass and back without hitting a pedal or missing a stroke. :)