My new career

A karaoke star!

Yep, last night (that’s ‘this night’ if you’re American, ‘tomorrow night’ if you’re antipodean, or ‘sometime in the summer’ if you’re Irish), I went to a karaoke place, and for the first time in a long time, I sang in public. (the last time was in Southampton University, but they’ve since changed the city laws making it a felony now :( )

Anyway, I did; Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood, Folsom Prison Blues - J R Cash, Yesterday - Beatles, and I got standing ovations for all three! :)

Yeah, Ok, the audience were as drunk as I was, but I’m still well chuffed!

So it’s, goodbye guitar (damn right arm doesn’t work anyway)…

goodbye keyboard (ditto)…

goodbye engineering (too much damn trouble these days)

and it’s “hello karaoke star!” :laugh:

Well in defence of Karaoke Bars…

I learned to sing in one here in Dubai. and please the attacks that leaves me open to are obvious and I already know my limitations :p
However, the one I go to is 70% Filipino and they are a demanding lot. Thier silence at the end of a song can be stunning :)
For the past year or so I’ve been recording some of the singers there. Below are 4 of them, Youmni is Syrian, Betong, PotPot and Lisa are Filipinos.


Forgot Lisa…


I will only do one song Karaoke. Joe Cocker, With a Little Help From My Friends. i hate sitting thru the rest of the singing tho, it normally sucks worse than mine.

I can get drunk, act spazmatic, fall down, scream and yell, and the crowd loves it, they think it’s an act.

If only they knew! :p

Sitting here listening to Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop, 1989, Engineered and mixed by Leif Mases, mastered by Ian Gillespie. Pretty darn good job, music and engineered.
Jeff Beck- Guitars
Tony Hymas - Keyboards and Synthesizers
Terry Bozzio - Drums and Percussion

Ok, now throwing in the ol dvd player “The Division Bell” PF, haven’t listened to this in ages.

Nothing wrong with a little stupid fun - I met my girlfriend 4 1/2 years ago singing karaoke. We used to go at least once a week, but we haven’t been for quite some time now. Like anything, it got old after a while.