My new mixer

Having fun with it

I recently bought a small four channel mixer which works great. Now I can successfully records vocals, mic my amp and also boost the signal going into my line 6 Toneport when I record using that. I have also connected my EQ pedal and plugged it into the insert so I can pre-EQ my guitars to get them sounding good before I start recording. The vocal mic works like a dream for recording and getting a hot signal going in makes a difference to the clarity of the recording.
I spent a whole day recording my amp and experimenting with different combinations and settings. I have written down what works so I can go back to that as a base line.

Hi, Glad you’re pleased with your new mixer and that its sorted out various “low level” issues you were having with vocals. Out of interest, are you plugging the mixer directly into your computer soundcard or through the Toneport?


I havent tried going into the computer soundcard but I would bet I would have horrible latency issues.
The toneport is used as the soundcard basically. I plug my guitar into the mixer line in and connect a short jack cable from the mixer aux out to the Toneport input. The headphone jack on the toneport I have connected to the tape in so I can monitor from the mixer. The tape out goes to my monitor speakers. I can use the Toneport without the ‘Gearbox’ software for vocals or micing my amp and or with it if I want some amp modelling.