My New Setup

I got new stuff!

Hey everyone, I finally got all my new stuff. I built a new computer, got ADA converter, new monitors a new desk check it out.


New Setup

new desk, adat8000, power conditioners (free), behringer b2031a monitors

New Computer

Asus Vento 3600 case,AMD 939 venice core proccessor, 64bit mobo, 200gig SATA II hardrives (2), VSL 2020 sound card, 1 gig of DDR ram

Inside the Computer

Over all studio, kinda blurry


Very nice.

Wihan <--------- Checking out that balance on the credit card again…

Nice! But where did the soda cup go? :D

Quote (TomS @ Aug. 10 2005,07:37)
Nice! But where did the soda cup go? :D

ha ha

Isn’t that my drum set u borrowed last week and u said I would get it back today? :) Nice setup :)

nice… i don’t see the pick holder or super mario in the new setup either :(

^ hahaha

That would be an nvidia video card manual.

yeah …they all say that



yeah …they all say that

I’m told that there’s a way to get the pixie in the nvidia demos naked…

It’s a Gatez/ms upgrade… It’s huge download file… Takes hours to install… Then ya just rip the page off the manual… :O :p


Let me know when you find out how Willie :wink: