My new web site.

I got me a new web site :)

check it out…

what do ya all think?

Nice. :agree:

Hi ange and Rob:

Great web page you have…
Keep up the hard work…


It loads fast - that’s good.
This is the first time I’ve seen you do your music.
Very nice. It’s pretty cool how you can be anywhere in the world
and sing and play a song, and I can sit at my laptop almost like
you were right here performing. Very good sampler video.
There is a huge audience for your style. Seeing you do it live
makes your music even more appealing. They kind of go together.
Love the artwork also. Especially the cute piggy at the bottom.
Who does the drawings?

Great stuff, Ange. Enjoy the tour.

Nice! You look and sound great in your vid. :cool: Lov the high gloss shine on your axe

:;): glad ya'all like it


Who does the drawings?

I do 'em, I wanted a graphic designer that we know to do them but he was not available so Rob said we should use my studio doodles! I wasn't too sure but they look quite good me thinks :)


I love the graphics. I think they are perfect for you and the image I feel like fits all that you are going for.

This is winderfall.