My other daughter sings her song


My other 8 year old daughter wrote this:

I Don’t Know What This Song Is About - click here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new star on the horizon!

Very Nice Kate! Great singing,

but I don’t know about the piano player, we may have to shoot him. LOL

What was the song about? ???

I am NOT a piano player. That much is obvious. Neither was Artur Schnabel, however. :D

I could have “fixed” it in midi, but I thought, nah…

Isn’t her voice great? Or is that just a father hearing things?

You don’t know what the song is about?

Don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player.
Don’t fix nuttin, song is fine like it is.

She has a beautiful voice. Yep fathers love to hear their little girls sing. My daughter would belt out tunes from a little girl on. As she grew into womanhood, I noticed that she had a set of pipes that brought ‘good chills’ to your spine. Thank God she didn’t get my singing woes.

Keep encouraging those kids in music Tom, one day when you are recording with them and they are playing and singing like pros, think of me and remember I told you it’s the greatest joy to record with your kids! :D

Ohhhh.,… my…

This is awesome!..

mind if i add stuff to it and repost??>.

nice job!

(brydarn @ Aug. 10 2007,18:11)
Ohhhh.,,.. my..

This is awesome!..

mind if i add stuff to it and repost??>.

nice job!

Sure, go right ahead. I'll even remove the piano, or redo it, or whatever...not that it isn't the greatest piano part isn't the greatest piano part ever...that's what I meant to say. :D