My Other first n-track recording

Thanks for the feedback for my first one, here is the second one.
Same kinda
idea, a small jam to learn the ropes.
Only have 2-3 more to get off my workbench,
then maybe approach a mic (scary thought).

Some very slight timing issues here but I like this side of your playing pingcat. More melody driven than riff driven. A taste of Santana in there too. Very nice!

Must’ve been mixed by a guitarist, given how high the guitars are in the mix. :laugh:

Just kidding, Ping, don’t pay attention to me. I say it’s time for the mic. :agree:


Yeah, the whole drums/bass went thru a large overhaul when I realized
n-track drums wern’t doing it and went with the cool ezdrummer.
The tune had been completed months ago(with original ntrack drums).
It was sort of like a heart transplant, technically I should have
started over I suppose.
And then I rushed a last minute bass track to match the new drums.
Where is the timing off the most obvious to you?

exactly what I want to hear.
I tried, many different solo
levels, the last mix I upped them a bit, should have left them where
they were.

I hear just slight lead parts getting ahead of the track a bit in the 1:20 area and again around 1:55 - Most folks wouldn’t even hear 'em though. Being a trained professional and all I have to suffer with my own perfectionism.

Thats great that you picked up on that.
Youre right of course.
I noticed it,
but thought the overall feeling of the solo was good (IMHO of course), so I let it ride.
I also think I am a bit out of tune at the very end (1:55 again), but again, I liked the
overall feel.
I thought you were going to beat up my rhythm guitar player and bass man.
back, they didn’t take into account that I would fire the crappy drummer and bring in a
great drummer to kick it all up a notch.
I told the guitar players to turn down (and that it isn’t all about them).
I upped the drums a bit.
And remixed and put it out there, same link.
I might need to tame the bass a bit, its that rule, adjust one frequency range and you
change them all.
I could go on, but I think I am just going to be happy with it, otherwise I might end up
throwing a bucket of ice at myself. ???

Yep - in most cases, feel trumps timing. Great track!

Yep, good tones and playing, nice one! Has a good slow feel to it and some great moves on the guitar neck! :agree:

Like this Ping…great tone on the guitars and nice feel to the whole piece. Keep going buddy, get some vox going and you’ll come up with some great songs! :agree:

Timing issues?..just get Cozy Powell on drums and you’ll be slightly behind the beat :laugh: (well…if he was still alive of course)

Cool sound. some nice changes in the guitar lead sound and interesting jazzy melody. I find reverb seems to loosen up the thightness of a lead guitar part in my limited experience w effects. Then crunch it to mp3… This may be what happened at 1:20, but the whole piece has some great changes, this being one of them, and holds up just fine.