my pick of choice or choice of pick

picky picky - what’s yours?

Jim Dunlop .46mm

I like to turn it and use the grip side for additional bite at times.

Fender standard medium “confetti”. Been using them for years…

I too play with the side of the pick and not the tip. A habit I got into back in the “old days”. Easier to get pinch harmonics.


EDIT: Actually… back in the “old days” I used that same pick Poppa. Dunlop Nylon .46 mm’s. They have that dimpled “grippy” surface right? That sure made 'em easier to hang onto when thrashing…

None :laugh: But that’s a pretty pic, I can see why you like it! Delicious pink! Or maybe it’s just blood stained :laugh:

I use Dunlop .60mm and .73mm

And the red Everly Star



Wow Yazzer... You use such a thick pick in case you needed to tunnel out of jail or sumthin'? :laugh:


On bass and mandolin the .73mm :cool:

Tunneling out . . . . roflmao! :laugh:

Gotcha… I’m a putz on bass. I just use the fingers. Mandolin? When I see that my hand is longer than the mandolin’s neck… I just put it back down and walk away… :laugh:


Heh… A bud of mine gave me a few of those little, teenie, tiny “Jazz” picks a while back. I looked at 'em and said “What the heck am I supposed to do with these things!!! I’m afraid I might let one slip and end up inhaling the little turd!” Little bitty rascals…


ROFL, I’m a putz on bass with me fingers, my timing goes off in left field.

Mandolin is piece of cake with long fingers, you can barr 3 chords with just yer pinky! :laugh:

Cool! I use the same pick as Poppa Willis! :)

I’ve been using a Dunlop Ultex 1.0 quite a bit lately, though I also have a supply of Golden Gate Mandolin Flat Picks if I want something heavier. I have an assortment of thin picks, but seldom use them. On acoustic, I never use a pick.

it takes a real man to lay down the bass groove with da digits.

i use a tortex med. for most picked guitar work, but mostly finger-picked on the classical. back when i had my beloved 12-string, it was strictly light picks.

This is from Halloween a while back – all painted black – the other hand was orange – but those are real. I use the fingernail on my right index finger usually as a pick – don’t normally keep them all that long, but used to many years ago, mainly because I could – still could but too many folks think it’s creepy. I can’t imagine why. Works great as a pick except it wears down too fast. Good thing I don’t play a lot of guitar.

How the heck do ya type with those phoo?

Don’t you like, stab yourself in the palms when holding drumsticks?

Did Stephen Stills really use a piece of popsicle stick (on Suite Judy Blue Eyes)?

Stephen Stills did invent a guitar pick (freaky deaky phoo)

a friend of mine in Denver did a website for it and gave me a bunch - I forget where they are or what they were called now though. odd little plastic things with press on foam grip points.

In my youth days, this was my picks of choice (cause they wuz free)

Just take Mom’s kitchen scissors and cut away!