your place at myspace

If you haven’t spent anytime building a myspace presence then you won’t know it’s full potential.
Besides being a place to show yourself, you get these things happening.

Other musicians from the smallest groups to headliners, will send you invitations to their shows.
So you see who’s playing where and when.

Someone is always inviting you to join them in games.

You see updates and comments both emotional and planed, on a constant basis.
From the biggest to the smallest artists.
Or the smartest or nuttiest friend.

When you update or comment, thousands see that and are drawn to you.
As they update you see that too.

Myspace has personal email accounts now.
So as you spend time there your address book grows for mass mailing; if you plan to show off a new song or event or CD.
You can blast them all with your announcements.

If your a people watcher like me, it’s fascinating!

But you have to put your ego aside and make an effort to ask for friendship.
To build your page you have to show yourself by asking to be added.
A little at a time adds up!
Myspace has tools to help with this.
You can also find friends in your home town and surrounding areas.

But if you don’t reach a surtain amount of friends you might never know it’s potential for having a great time with the option to have people hear your music on a grand scale.

You also will acquire friends who are not musicians, but people who love music and find something about you acceptable. lol

If you don’t care for that type of attention, I understand that too.

I don’t know about you but 10,000 friends is like a show’s amount of people hearing you. So with that in mind, WE have a lot of work to do!

“MySpace” is a 10’ x 10’room with all my music stuff in it. Looking to upgrade soon though…


I kept my myspace page mostly because Soundclick limits an uploadable song to 10mb for those with free accounts. Ran over that limit with my last tune, Pluto (shameless self-promotion) so I felt the need to retain that crackly myspace player afterall.
I’m too cheap to buy a soundclick vip account which I believe would allow me to upload a long song.
I’m still waiting for my friends, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and company to contact me- no luck so far
:heart-break: It’s almost like they’ve got a busy schedule or something! :whistle:
Levi, I’ll shoot ya a friend invite, not that you need another!
So to end with a saying that everyone uses, but hates-- it is what it is.