N does not like win7 for me

sad to report this

i upgraded and thought after my first recording that this was the best thing since sliced bread, but ive had nothing but problems since. Guess i jinxed myself. I did make a good mixtape after first installing then took all of october off. Installed nothing new on my new computer and even recovered the whole computer twice to factory settings, reinstalled N a couple of times and it just does not want to co-operate. I get tons on lag, things dont record right and take way too many times to get right and on beat. I finally decided to bring back my xp p.c and everything is golden again. I cant figure it out for the life of me. This is a brand new computer quad phenom processors with 4gigs ram and 1tb of space. oh well, hopefully down the road if/when my poor little emachine that has ran N so well gets to the end of its life things will work well with my new p.c. Its 64bit and ive installed all the latest drivers to no avail. Even tried the new N ver , but no golden egg. This has been a bit of a drag. I dont know what happened,its like i havent used it for a while and it got mad at me. dont know. Anyway, at least i got the new ver so maybe down the road things will come together. In the mean time its back to good old stable ver 3.3.

Sorry to hear your problems. But for me, I went to a new computer and win 7 64 bit, and installed n-track 32 bit and have had no problems (other than the ones I had in 32 bit xp).
I went with n-track 32 bit because most of my plugins are only at 32 bit.

should i go with 32 bit instead of 64? is there a difference?

What a shame, deejay, to report that…

There has to be something causing that machine to behave that way… If it were my machine, I’d do a cont > alt > delete, and bring up the task manager… and…
have a look and see what may be running in the backround…
However, if I found something running I might not know what or how it got there or what to do about it…

That machine should run like a rocket…

There’s gotta be an answer for the behaviour of that setup…


Thanks Bill,

I tried that while I had it hooked up and the only thing running was N

I disable anti-virus while recording also.

One thing I can say is,I used to get a terrible crackle with this machine that i researched and found something that said it was a problem with realtek drivers and windows 7.

Realtek had put out an update.

This crackle came while moving the mouse around and selecting things.

It really screwed up recording and was only external. It did not come out on recordings.

The update was something about disable pulldown.

After installing the irritating crackle was gone for good.

I thought i had a short or bad wires but it only happened when clicking on stuff or things opened.

Thats why i restored my computer thinking thats what caused it but that didnt work either.

I couldnt just restore my computer to an earlier time because win7 has a funny way of restoring. You have to set things up rather than click a date on a calendar like xp. That is really annoying and a pain to discover. I dont know why they changed that.

My soundcard is a little old being Maudio 2496 but had the latest 64bit drivers.

Would the 32bit ver make a difference?

Hi deejay:

Some of these computer wizzes might be able to answer that question… It’s funny you mention the noise regarding mouse movement…
I get that on my P-4 XP machine on the DJ Desk, in the studio, with the Realtek built-in Audio card on the ASUS Main board… It sounds like a zipper movement noise… I don’t hear it with the m-Audio 192 Audio Card…


when i researched the noise there were quite a few posts on it. here is what i followed and it resolved my problem. However like i said earlier, all of a sudden N did not record right anymore. I really dont think it had anything to do with this though. After doing system recovery i still had the same recording lag problems. recovering my whole system should have removed the update yet i still had problems. Oh well. Maybe i will give a 32bit version a go some day.


I’m running win7x64 but am using 32bit ntrack, (PH ReasonV2 is 32bit rewire, so wont show up in ntrackx64)
i’ve had no issues so far with the 32bit version.

as far as crackling noises with mouse movements, i’ve suffered that aswell.
my onboard sound is realtek alc1200, i uninstalled the realtek drivers and let
windows search for its own drivers, it installed generic windows drivers and that solved the problem.
mind you i dont use the realtek for recording, i doubt the problem with the realtek would bleed into another soundcard.

you should give the 32bit version a go, when i built my current computer last november i wanted 64bit everything, but 1 year on, most software i use is still 32 bit! i’m ready for the 64bit revolution any day now!

Thanks JayK…I will give it a go soon. All the older vervions such as 5 are 32 bit correct? As long as it doesnt 64bit.Which version are you using?


i’m on v6.1,
i believe theres 32bit and 64bit releases of previous versions also.

Can i download and install the previous ver of N? such as ver5. Just to clarify as long as it doesnt say 64bit is it 32 bit?

I thought there is an option in the preference to chose bit rate.(5.1)

Mine shows 16bit and 24 bit. which I am free to chose between the two.

Is this how 6.1 is set up? guys…?

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Thanks UJ thats exactly what im tryin to get answered. Do you know the answer to that?


On the OLDER VERSIONS download page you will notice every other version is 64bit although they have the same build #. My guess is, although I am not as educated as El Guapo,
the others are 32bit OS versions.


6.0.9 64 Bit

download Click to Download 14Mb 07-14-2010 2604


download Click to Download 19Mb 07-14-2010 2604

6.0.8 64 Bit

download Click to Download 12Mb 02-25-2010 2553


download Click to Download 18Mb 02-25-2010 2553

6.0.7 64 Bit

download Click to Download 12Mb 11-28-2009 2530


download Click to Download 17Mb 11-28-2009 2530

keep shinin


No worries. Thanks for trying to help out UJ and Jeremy.

Just wanna make sure if i give it a go again it on a 32bit ver this time…

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I am not as educated as El Guapo,

Damn straight skippy. Bout time you fessed up! :p Nobody can match the intellectual prowess of Unblown_Jonson. Well Blown_Jonson has a bit of an edge on 'im... but Unblown is hopeful! :laugh:


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