N-drums help

So i made the steps, set the properties on the midi channel correctly, made the output channel to 16… i basically followed the tutorial video… but when it came down to putting the patterns on… thats where it started giving me trouble. i put pattern A on c3 as instructed on the video… and i made the note box small and moved it all the way to the left in the first box. then i made sure my sequencer live mode switch was clicked on… and it was.
so i then proceeded to put pattern B on c sharp to continue the next pattern to start building onto the rest of the song. So i put my pattern B on c Sharp… and when i clicked play to see how it came together it repeated pattern A twice… then cut on to pattern B in the middle of the pattern. I went back to the video to see if i had did something wrong, and the only thing i could notice was that HotDogWaters grid was set to 1:1:000 (measures i suppose) and mine is set in 0:05.00 second format.
i tried to click the different scroll downs on the piano roll to see if it would change but it never did. i was guessing that my patterns were not going correctly because i didnt have my grid in measures, but i was not sure so i figured i would post on here to see if anyone might see something i did wrong. please help me. thanks alot for your time.


“and the only thing i could notice was that HotDogWaters grid was set to 1:1:000 (measures i suppose) and mine is set in 0:05.00 second format.” GO TO - EDIT / GRID /GRID PROPERTIES / SET to MEASURE -

this wont help you with your problem but may improve visability of piano roll -

TRY THIS - on piano roll find VIEW ALL SONG icon and click on it - now you can see everything you have entered - hit play and watch what the timeline does - moving parts around may have left some notes behind you should now be able to see and hear where the problem lies -

Dr J

alright, i tried what you said… but i still have the same problem. pattern A doesnt repeat itself anymore. but it cuts in half way to Pattern B then keeps going. I cant seem to figure out what this is. I made sure my sequencer live mode is on. so it should switch to the second pattern just fine and on time. but it doesnt.

very sorry, maybe its exceedingly old age here but i cannot understand this “I made sure my sequencer live mode is on.” please clarify my sequencer -

Dr J

Dr J, and Dude,

“Sequencer Live Mode” refers to the setting on the n-Track drums preferences screen.
This forces the drums to complete the current pattern before switching.
It does not mean the “Live” button on the n-Track main screen.

With this setting checked, you can insert your control notes at any time before the beginning of the measure where you want to switch patterns, and it will switch when the current pattern finishes.



thank you. will look into it when i get a spare minute

Dr J

OK - first as i am on dialup i have not seen any of HOTDOGS instructions - anything vith a video in it takes 3 years to download - so this is what i know

1… NTD has two main parts - the drum section and the sequencer section -

2… the drum section plays back from a MIDI track - the sequencer section does not - BUT what is confusing you have to have a MIDI track open for the sequencer to run - also the sequencer comes pre loaded with patterns that you have to clear out before you can do anything for yourself (and there a lot of them) -

3… the sequencer section is to add drums to a midi track/song for those who do not know how to program midi - in other words if you already have a drum track in place although the sequencer will run while track is playing it is taking no notice at all of what is on the midi track it is playing its own patterns - and you may have the greatest difficulty syncing the two together -

4… each pattern in the sequencer section can be upto 8 pages long each page contains upto 32 steps so that 8x32 steps per drum - i say upto because the length of a pattern is governed by the anount of RED lights that are set at the top of the pattern page - if you want the whole pattern to run then all red lights are on - if you only want 2 steps to run then only 2 leds are lit - you set the length by clicking on the last red led that is equal to the end of the pattern you want to play - OH, you have to have FOLLOW lit or the sequencer will stick to whatever page it is on -

4… reprise - altering or adding notes to the piano roll (midi track) will have no effect on the sequencer, the sequencer runs on its own patterns not the midi track - the midi track can be output to NTD and will play the drum section, not the sequencer section -

thats how i see it and that about as far as i can go - hope it helps

Dr J

you dont have to clear out the steps unless you pick a style. those are the preloaded. if you just click the kit you want and then go to steps without picking a style, its already ready for you to make the steps, and you dont have to clear anything off. if you dont have the acoustic live kit, and other kits, just download the rest of them. The styles are there for you to have samples without having to make your own to save time. and i was reffering to the piano roll. the sequencer live mode is the button in the properties as dontuck had said. so thank you tuck.

but my question still remains.

with the button pushed.(sequencer live mode in the options properties)

and my piano roll is on.

i put pattern a on c3

and then i wanted pattern b to come in

i put it on c sharp. (which is what i am supposed to do.)

so assuming pattern b will come in correctly with the sequencer live mode on.

and i put pattern b in the first box with pattern a (just like in the video),so it would be the next thing played and come in when the first pattern ends.

and it doesnt.

it repeats pattern a twice, and then cuts in the middle of pattern b.

If you are using n-Track Drums in a live performance and would like to

trigger the patterns via a !MIDI keyboard!, you may want that the pattern

switch will only occur at the end the pattern. You can enable/disable

the “Sequencer Live mode” in the Preferences dialog. NTD MANUAL

this is where it all goes wrong -

from NTD manual

“The channel 16 is reserved for sequencer control. The midi notes ranging from C1 (#36) to B2 select one of the 24 patterns of the n-Track Drums internal sequencer”.

- you will notice two things, one is channel 16, and the other is that note number 36 should be C1 and not C3 as it is on the piano roll - thats why i could not get the effin sequencer to change patterns -

the other is, and you said that you had set it to output to channel 16 = this i presume you set in the MIDI tracks prefs - if so, then it does exactly as it says it OUTPUTS all MIDI notes on vhannel 16 ta a MIDI PORT on your PC/Laptop - IT DOES NOT OUTPUT TO NTD -

- the output to NTD is selected (as you well know by now) by right clicking in track and setting output there - all MIDI tracks that are output to NTD will change the patterns -

REPRISE - if you have 1 MIDI track specially setup for pattern changes and other MIDI track(s) for GM drums (or whatever) - all tracks will change the patterns if the track(s) contain notes within the pattern change note range -

if you have other MIDI track(s) in your song MUTE them then they cannot change the patterns -

having your sequencer set to LIVE only wotks with a MIDI KBD attached (just tried it) so ignore any instructions regarding it unless of course you are using KBD to change patterns -

Dr J