N-Drums problem...

just one hit even if I follow tutorial

Now I’m trying the N-track drums to get a simple click track. I follow the tutorial and try to do everything like in it, but I stumble right at the beginning.

In the tutorial after the guy has placed four kick drum hits in the measure, he hits play button in N track and he hears the bass drum banging constantly until he hits “stop”.

When I do exactly the same thing I hear just one bass drum hit. Wonder what it would be.

Have you cracked it yet?
An easy way to get started with n-TDrums is to open a style you like(click n-T transport play button)(stop), go to ‘steps’, drag and drop the phrase blocks over onto the blank midi track, open the piano roll to edit.

PS. Drag ‘n’ drop with that funny (someone here described it perfectly?) sign that looks a bit like a table fork. top right.

:laugh: Tuning fork?

you will see a row of dots or little rectangle shaped spots across the steps page just above the timeline.
click on one of those out about a dozen or so, they represent measures I think. Test it by clickin on a dozen then 6, or a full page to see how that works.