n-drums user created patterns and kits

how to save files for most flexibility

So I now have a bunch of user created pattern sets, all created on the included “Acoustic Drum Kit Lt.”
Is there a way to save these patterns such that I can call them up with another drum kit, either the included electronic kit or some of the downloaded kits from Nusofting?

I realize that I can load up of the patterns with the Acoustic kit and then manually pull up each drum pad editor, browse for the right kit componants and enter them in the path slots … I just thought there might be an easier way to save each rhythm pattern set as something that could be used with any drum kit. (This may sound kind of impatient but there are 44 files for most of the kit componants on the kit I would like to use, that’s about 600 files to cut and paste and set up parameters!! :O I’d rather be mixing!!)

Maybe PapaRomeo might know … ? ???

Whoops! Found my answer in an earlier post found here: n-drum discussion
I had forgotten that more than just the first question was asked/answered in that post. :laugh:
Thanks guys!