N is recording the previous tracks

I’ve finally figured out the problem with the soundcard. Thank you!!! :)
Now I am finding that N Track is recording the previous tracks along with the current track I am doing. As I’m sure you realize, there is no way now to seperate the tracks to mix/pan/etc.

Any suggestions on this one?

Thank you!

and this started ‘after’ you sorted the sound card issue?
‘outs’ going ‘in’!?
Does the card have a control panel?

I forgot - what S/C are you using?

Audiophile 2496
Outs are Out…

I have a feeling the problem is how you set up the M-Audio Delta Control Panel

While I have no experience with this card - it appears you can direct a recorded
track to another output other than the monitor (which is why you are probably
getting that track recorded on your new recording)

Take a look at this review (scroll down half-way to the M-Audio part)


Specifically "Operation with real applications"

and look at the routing capabilities associated under the routing tab.

Then select that output (not monitor) for the pre-recorded track in N.

But like I say - I’ve never used M-Audio stuff.

For someone that isn’t familiar with M-Audio, you really have a handle on it. I did as you suggested and made and an adjustment here and there and a click here and there and held my breath. Low and behold. “IT WORKED”!!! I’m back on line with N and gearing up to begin working with V6.

You folks know your stuff…I’m lucky to have you people to turn to…

Thanks again…

But just one more thing.
Although it is recording as it should, when I am listening to the previous tracks and recording a new one, I can only hear through on one side of the headphones. But when I playback, I can hear on both sides. Hmmmm…Do I attempt any more tweaks or should I live with it and leave well enough alone?

Thank you!!!



...when I am listening to the previous tracks and recording a new one, I can only hear through on one side of the headphones...

That is a problem that ocurs in a lot of audio interface monitoring software.
For example - the audio interface I am considering the ESI-1808 has the following:


from the SoundOnSound review

Latching buttons labelled 'Mono A' and 'Mono B' can be used to create a mono mix of the signals at inputs 1 and 2 (the mic inputs) and 3 and 4 (the instrument inputs) respectively, which makes monitoring these inputs on headphones more comfortable, as it avoids mics or instruments appearing hard left or hard right in the cans.

Hi guys. Can I just say? One of the things I love about n-T is that I don’t have the prob’ of the mix altering on record. Is it my card (ECHO MIA MIDI) and set-up, but I can record along to a stereo mix. Or is it n-T settings?