n-T7 2983 Markers

The Marker Pop-up alert box interrupts normal GUI/Mouse activity in upper right axis.
Anyone else?

I don’t know what a “marker” is, so I was unable to try it Tony.

dontcare :cool:

I think adding Markers at points on the upper time axis has been a feature for many years. I wouldn’t know how to use them pre v6. With v7 and, I think, with v6, there is a button in the upper right tools and/or right click in the axis. As the song position approaches a Marker a little window pops up with a count down clock and any text you may have entered. The pop up window can be turned on and off.
The issue I’m having is when a Marker pop up window is open, it covers the tools and axis in the upper right. It only closes when the Marked time has elapsed.

Perhaps you could ask for a feature request to place a the “a marker information box” in it’s own space along the tool bar so it won’t cover the tools and axis in the upper right when it displays marker information. Maybe ask to include some options like being able to size, place it anywhere and maybe to include further options like what information you want displayed in the box.


Good call, Paco but I can’t help wondering if it’s a bug as this kind of box would normally skedaddle when approached.

I don’t use the markers myself, (cost too much for paint thinner :) ) but you could PM Flavio about it.

PACO :laugh:

Quote: (Paco572 @ Dec. 03 2012, 2:38 PM)

I don't use the markers myself, (cost too much for paint thinner :) ) but you could PM Flavio about it.

PACO :laugh:

Or, as you say, be positioned in a way that doesn't course a nuisance.

Maybe a good way to improve this would be to have the box “movable”. YA useer could size and drag the box to a location to their personal liking.
What do you guys think?

I’m working with Flavio helping him to develop some features of n-Track.
We could add an option in the markers properties menu to allow the user to choose how to show the marker popup.
We could put the popup on the top (how it works now) or in the bottom of the marker (new feature).
Do you think this option useful?


Hi, Marco.

Urhm!? I’m not sure how to put this :laugh:
7.0.1 build 3001 is already much improved. The pop-up is now higher up into the title bar and is now semi opaque and doesn’t interfere with the normal function of the tools that it now only partially covers.

My only remaining niggle is that when the Marker Pop-up opens, fz browser boxes vanish.

Ok Tony,
We’ll analyze the issue in order to fix it.
Thank you for your support.