N-Track 4.1 (24 Bit ?)

N-Track 4.1 capable of 24 Bit recording?

I recently changed from n-track 3.3 to n-track 4.1 (September 05) and am currently using an Echo Gina G3 Soundcard ( 24 bit soundcard). Is n-track 4.1 capable of 24 bit recording or do I have to upgrade to a different n-track program ? I have searched the manual and it is not clear if 4.1 is 24 bit.

Yep. n-Track 4.n can certainly do 24 bit.

You do need to buy the 24 bit version - you can upgrade from the 16 bit version to the 24 bit version for $26… (it’s the same exe/program - you get new codes to unlock 24 bit operation)



It’s well worth it. I have a Gina24 and a Layla20. I was surprised at how audible the switch from 16 bits to 24 bits was on some instruments. It’s not noticeable at all for some though. Drums and cymbals just jump out. Synths and sounds that are already very compressed or have a narrow dynamic range don’t need it as much. Higher harmonic sounds benefit greatly.